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Key Factors for Achieving Great Search Rankings

There are a million different posts out there that offer advice on optimizing your search rankings. They’re not all necessarily good advice, though. Check out these key factors for achieving great search rankings. Optimize your title tags properly. The key here is to make sure that your title tag...

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Can You Increase Keyword Rank Without Any Link Building?

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Site Traffic, Website Technical Issues | Posted on 18-09-2019


The short answer for this interesting question is, yes. But we can’t leave it at that, can we? First, we need to understand the definition of “keyword rank” or usually referred to terms like “query” and “positioning”.  Rank infers that there is a position anyone sees and the position is absolute, which isn’t how Google works anymore.

The position of a keyword depends on subtle modifiers that Google used, such as; geolocation, presence of local items like a map and user personalization. Ranking in this sense is but a subset of the concept of positioning.

Keyword refers to a specific string that you entered in the search box and without stop words (the, if, these, etc.) or modifiers. Different from a query which takes these things into account. Google will not return results for words that are not part of your query term, only a close variant to it. In simpler words, keyword is a bit more specific than a query.

So back to the main question. A single site has a set of internal rankings set by Google. The set is made up of hundreds or even thousands of ranking factors. So, any improvements across other factors can have a very big impact on a site’s position.

Knowing this, we can work on specific things to improve the position of a site. So what are the techniques?


While it is not a direct ranking factor, it determines how pages are shown in certain featured snippets. A good schema will make your site look better. From Google’s point of view, they prefer you use the JSON-LD version. Keep in mind that anything that appears in the schema have to be the same as of what is in the page. If not, Google will consider that as cloaking and some actions might be taken for your site.

Site Crawl and Indexing Improvements

Crawling and indexing are terms used to describe the process of getting your pages to appear in search results. It’s important to know how easy it is for machines to find and explore your site. You can use a tool like Screaming Frog for example to see how well and easy your site is being crawled, or what experts call crawl efficiency.

To improve these, your site must have a clean structure, reliable servers, errorless sitemaps and robots.txt files, optimized site speed. Make sure that you improve all of these important pointers to ensure that your site is fully maximized.

Go Longtail and Low Volume with keywords of your choice

Finding those very niche, specific, low volume keywords can be the key to achieve your goal. You need to do your research to make sure that your keywords have a chance to outrank your competitors.

The term for this is longtail. Lower search volume means less competition. It is much easier to rank compared to the opposite, high search competition. It has been proven that targeting longtail and low volume keywords works really well for new websites.

Customer Reviews

No doubt about it, customer reviews are very powerful for a website. Especially for small businesses that are competing with larger competitors, customer reviews could level the playing field without spending too much money on marketing.

Google always thinks that each positive customer review is a vote for the business and will help the businesses rank higher in search results. Now you need to learn what Google considers with customer reviews; number of starts reviewers gave, any relevant keywords the reviewer used, and the sentiment of the review.

There are still many ways to increase keyword rank without any kind of link building. Don’t forget Content Relevancy & On-Page Optimization.

You will need to optimize headings, inserting keyword in first paragraph, add alt attributes in images, adding captions around the image, create relevant content according to query term, and setting up AMP.

Keep learning and experimenting with your site and soon you’ll see more positive results. But if you compete in a moderate to competitive niche, you won’t be able to stay there long without them, so you should consider doing some link building.

What is E-A-T SEO: The Proper Way to Create Content

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Site Traffic | Posted on 19-07-2019


What is E-A-T?

If you consider yourself a content creator, website owner, or anything related to building a website in providing informative articles to the public then understanding what E-A-T is can save or even improve your website. E-A-T is an acronym that stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness. I bet knowing what that acronym stands for already sparks some ideas in your head of what it entails.

Expertise – How knowledgeable are you in the subject being talked about in your website or articles? Do you have experience with it first hand or second hand? Any literature that you can cross reference? These questions could be the basic pointers of where your expertise level is. This is important to classify your website or article as something credible and not just a gossip.

Authoritativeness – This compliments your expertness. Your credibility as the writer or website owner publishing the content. Credentials, reviews, testimonials, etc., that you receive will prove that you’re not just an expert but also an author.

Trustworthiness – Determines how trustworthy your website or article is. When someone reads your content, can they follow and believe in what you’re saying? This also includes the overall site quality. Trustworthiness will decide your rankings on Google, low trustworthiness level will lower your rank and all the points above will be for naught.

Why is it important?

A lot of people have reported that their website’s traffic has been decreased since the update rolled out. The quicker you adapt to this situation the better it will be, especially for YMYL websites. YMYL stands for Your Money or Your Life.

According to Google, YMYL website are the type of pages that could potentially impact the future happiness, health, financial stability, or safety of users. The reason why Google emphasize on how important E-A-T is, is to protect consumers or readers from malicious, less reliable or accurate, and ‘empty’ websites that are only chasing after traffic instead of ensuring the quality of their contents. If your business falls under the umbrella of YMYL then E-A-T is very important for you to learn.

If you think that only small websites are affected than you’re dead wrong. Look at the data below

source: moz.com

As of 18th of July 2019, Prevention.com ranked 7/10 and cPR score of 7.8/10. It’s one of the many big websites that got affected by the update.

How to E-A-T?

Reading this, you must be thinking “How do I get along with the system?” and trying to find out how to avoid being demoted or if you’re already affected, how to recover from it? Let’s take a look at the solutions step by step.

1. Self-reflection and introspection

The new of SEO is no longer about tricking search engines into giving you traffic. Read back your content that you published, and be honest; are they credible, useful or informative? Will your readers gain anything from your published content? If the answer is no, then it’s time to fix it.

2. Improve the quality of your content

After checking back your past published content, you can either update your content, merge with other posts or just get rid of them. A poor quality content can ruin your overall reputation, since they’re not going anywhere unless you do something about it. Remember, if you’re planning to delete some older posts don’t forget to implement relevant redirects.

3. Remember some key elements to achieve E-A-T

Here are some basic pointers for your site’s improvement:

  • Show everyone the experts on your website, anyone creating content on your website should have an author profile with their credentials.
  • Off-page optimization: Managing your website’s reputation by receiving press coverage – get featured on reputable sites, reviews – have others to evaluate your site, testimonials – feedback from your consumers or readers.
  • Become an expert > gain authority > receive trustworthiness, this should be the path that you follow.


E-A-T is definitely essential for the improvement of overall enjoyment for consumers. The main idea is that your site should offer the correct information. The era of tricking the system, writing click-bait articles, and spamming the platform with incorrect contents is over. If you do it properly and fulfill the E-A-T requirements, your site will be on top naturally and won’t get knocked down by less reputable sites.

Visual and Voice Search are taking the Role of SEO and Its Impact

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Site Traffic | Posted on 29-05-2019


Considering that everything related to search engines is dynamic, the current world is now slowly shifting towards the use of voice and visual search. This might sound strange, but yes, it has taken top notch technological innovations. The adoption of voice and visual search related engines has further revolutionized the engagement between the audiences and other users to be more meaningful. Every stage of online search has become a success as well as totally efficient.

What Facts Show Voice and Visual Search Efficiency?

From a survey done by Slyce.it, it is clear that approximately 74% of the shoppers who have once used both text-based search and visual and voice-related searches have expressed the fact that; text-based searches are not as efficient when it comes to searching for a product online. From this fact, it is vivid that voice and visual search has revolutionized the way customers search for products online.

With visual and voice search, the visual search algorithm has made it possible for a customer view products online and based on that view, other extensive range of related products will be availed. On the other hand, voice search has made it possible for customers to use their voice commands in prompting search algorithms to direct them to products they need. Voice and visual search are said to be efficient basically because of the idea that they are able to detect psychological and physical needs of shoppers online.

On the other hand, Slyce.it further exposes the fact that visual information transmitted to the brain can be processed 60,000 times faster as compared to information kept in terms of text. What do we accrue from such a finding? First, we can see that visual information search can be processed faster hence the need to move from text-based information to visual based information as far as the need to search for products online is a concern.

Considering that 67% of consumers affirm that the quality of product images presented online is the basis of choosing and buying the right product; one could conclude that visual searches are more efficient only when the images presented are visually clear and easy to purchase. Thanks to the development of visual and voice search technology.

What is the Essence of Visual Search?

Most of the users online may not be in a good position to tell the secret behind visual search and the search engines related to them. However, we will explore how visual search has revolutionize on how customers or online visitors can use an image to find a related image online. Unlike the ancient method of inputting a URL associated to an image so as to generate result, the current generation has taken into consideration the use of a camera to discover a product. The ability to discover a product is what has led to the use of the image taken by the camera as the search query. With this move, online visitors or customer are no longer struggling to define and image so as to accrue the right results.

How to Enhance an Optimal Visual Search Results

In order to ensure that you land on the right product that matches your needs and intentions, the first thing that you need to do is to avail a variety of images to the web. This should be related to each product and topic page if need be. Secondly, you need to optimize the images for a specific web so that swift load can be as efficient as possible. Raster images plus a massage crucial for enhancing CTA (call to action) should be availed as well. Here, the photo you have uploaded need to be clear and more appealing.

Search images should however be hosted only on those pages that are authoritative and have the ability to response to specific intentions presented by the users. In order to uphold the level of efficiency as possible, site hierarchy should enhanced by a range of connected internal links. Furthermore, the image stock should be made in such a way that they are identical to the other images in your image list. Keeping an eye on image search traffic will be crucial so that as to cater the demand associated with image search.

How to Ensure and Optimal Voice Search

Voices search has had a great impact as compared to visual related searches. In that case, in order to develop an optimal voice search, here are some tips that would make your voice search more efficient than before.

Firstly, there should be concise headlines that are closely associated with speech structured data. This makes it possible for users to search elements online based on that specific information.

Secondly, there is a need to break text in search a way that they can be spoken. That means we need to convert text to speech or something that can be spoken.

Thirdly, for optimal search results the speakable data structure should be about two or three sentences; each taking 20 to 30 second when spoken.

Visual and Voice search has taken the SEO role on another level, so it might be a good time to consider optimizing your website with these new features to improve your SEO efforts and get your site to rank higher.