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How Can Small Businesses or Websites Compete with Big Players in SEO

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Site Traffic | Posted on 19-01-2017


As the owner of a small business you’re probably intimidated by big businesses and their massive marketing budgets. It might seem impossible to try to go up against them and win, but it’s much more doable than you might think.

Of course big businesses and large websites have some advantages on their side, but small businesses have some unexpected advantages that let them profit over large businesses as well. Learn how to make the most of them for your business.

Big Domains Have Some of the Following Advantages

As a large company there are quite a few advantages that make it easier to rank in the search engine results. Major companies benefit from increased domain authority, a good solid link diversity, a more trustworthy name and more robust finances to make major investments into marketing the business.

A major company will likely have a large website with thousands of pages, and that offers excellent domain authority and trustworthiness that’s going to work well for the search engine. All those pages will help generate some serious backlinks as well and help bolster overall backlink diversity, which is another beneficial thing for search engine rankings.

Major businesses also have plenty of money, meaning they can afford to splurge on paid traffic, special guest post opportunities and huge marketing campaigns that a smaller business simply can’t match. All these benefits don’t mean that it’s impossible to outrank a major company in the search engine results, because that’s just not the case.

The Benefits of a Small Website

Believe it or not there are some real benefits of owning a smaller website as well when it comes to search engine ranking. Small sites don’t have to deal with the roadblocks that stall out the huge ones run by large corporations.

As the owner of a small site you’ll likely have complete creative control and you’ll be in charge of changes made to your website. You’ll be able to quickly go from one marketing focus to another and test out creative ideas that you believe will work.

It’s easy to experiment with a small website, and it’s possible to run many different experiments in the timeframe that a large site might have only done a single experiment. That means you can effectively figure out what works faster than a major company can, and run your website more efficiently overall because of it.

As a small website you can also focus more closely than a big company site can. You can narrow the site in on one or two specific topics and cover them much more in-depth than that large website ever did. This will help create loyal customers that you can depend on, and it’s going to give you the edge in your specific niche. You’ll seem more authentic, and many people will rely on you over the other business, even if it’s in the same niche.

How to Compete Effectively

Now that you know what your main advantages are, it’s time to use them to effectively compete against those mammoth websites out there. Rely on these simple steps to help give you the edge you need to be successful.

Hyper-focused Keywords

Many large sites aren’t willing to focus on the smaller and more specific keywords. This should be your main focus with the smaller site. Try to rank for those smaller keywords that a big business isn’t going to waste time on. You’ll get fewer searches for each one, but you’ll rank for them quickly and you’ll have a nice surge of traffic coming in before you know it from your efforts.

Use Critical or Comparison Keywords

If you haven’t noticed, major companies avoid comparing themselves to other companies most of the time, and they aren’t critical of one another either. These same companies often don’t rate different products or services either, because they probably have a relationship with several products from each sector. That’s not a constraint that you’ll have to deal with. That means you are free to pick keywords rating products, compare one product to another and be as critical as you would like of a product. These keywords tend to do very well, and you can pick up serious traffic by going somewhere that the large companies aren’t willing to go.

Build More Relationships

Major businesses deal with far too many customers to build strong relationships with many of them. As the owner of a smaller business it’s not too difficult to interact with the customers and make a good name for yourself with customer relations. Try to be friendly and build up a good community around your company. All the chatting will help you rank better, create backlinks for you and probably result in some business as well.

Be an Expert in one thing

A big website is an expert in many different things, but that’s not the approach that you should take. Instead of trying to be good at everything, you should just go for one specific thing and try to be the very best at it. That might mean focusing in on mountain bikes, or even mountain bike tires, while Gander Mountain has to focus on all the different types of sporting goods. You can create much more focused content on mountain bikes than Gander Mountain can, and you’ll actually end up having more authority on the matter, making it easier for you to profit from search for mountain bikes.

It can be intimidating going up against a huge company, but you’re actually a lot better off than you think. The next time you’re worried about outranking one of these companies, just consider the tips up above and start working toward a more successful business.

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3 Remarketing Lists to Boost PPC Ad Performance

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in PPC | Posted on 19-12-2016


Really active websites connect with hundreds or thousands of customers throughout the year, and most of the time these people are treated as one-off visitors that helped generate a profit for you but won’t do so again. This is the wrong approach. Business owners should instead focus on marketing to these visitors as much as possible, but when relying on paid advertising it’s important to only market to the most valuable of all your visitors. This approach is known as creating remarketing lists using Google Analytics, and these precise lists are applied right to your Google Adwords marketing to improve your overall return on investment. Here are three different remarketing list techniques that you can use to improve your success.

Bid Higher on More Valuable Repeat Visitors

With most websites, certain kinds of repeat visitors are the most valuable of all and worth extra attention. In order to figure out what type of visitor is the most profitable for you, you’ll have to dig deep into your Google analytics and figure out which customers are making you the most money so that you can focus on them.

After researching your website visitors you should have an idea of which visitors are the most valuable of all. For a pest control website, the visitors that come back to your site for the second time might be the ones that end up spending the most money on your services. These are the visitors that you want to encourage to come back to your site the most. To do this, you simply increase the bid amount on second-time visitors coming to your website. You can do this by making an audience list in Analytics and then applying this list to your existing AdWords ad groups to make sure you are paying a premium for the right kinds of visitors.

Leverage Slight Converting Visitors

Many visitors to your website have probably completed some sort of conversion without giving you any money in the process. For instance, some visitors may have signed up to your newsletter. Others might have downloaded a special offer that you are giving out for free. Even more may have opted into a special class that you are giving out for free. Whatever the conversion was, completing it shows that the visitors are more active and worth more money overall. You can make the most of these visitors by targeting them specifically.

To do this you simply head to the admin section of Google Analytics, and you filter through users by macro goal completions. Set it to zero and set micro goal completions to one or greater. With that set in place you’ll have a list of users that completed one of these minor conversions, and you can target them in an Adwords ad group to hopefully pull in some added purchases. Increase your bid amount for these specific users and you’ll likely notice an influx of purchases that you didn’t have before.

Capture Valuable Seasonal Shoppers

Every year there is a surge of new buyers at online retail websites during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. That’s because deal prices are at an all-time low, and many people simply can’t resist them. By offering exceptional deals to your customers, you open up your store to a chance to make some significant sales all throughout the rest of the year, as long as you take advantage of the information that is right in front of you.

To do this, you simply have to profile the customers that you had on the past Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Use Google Analytics to analyze your shoppers with another audience group. This time you’ll create an audience based on the amount of revenue they generated for your company. Only grab the highest profit customers in this audience.

With your large grouping of high spending shoppers, you can move over to AdWords and modify your ad group with a bid only option to make sure that you attract the high spending buyers to your site once again when they are ready to make additional purchases throughout the year. You’ll be able to capitalize on those customers once again.

It makes a lot of sense to go through the trouble of creating targeted remarketing lists through Google Analytics. As long as you have your account set up properly and you are carefully tracking your visitors, you should have no trouble building potent remarketing lists that will increase your conversions and help you improve the value of your website.

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Simple Steps to Improve Your Site Rankings and Quality Overall

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Site Traffic | Posted on 18-11-2016


Getting a website to rank isn’t as hard as it seems, but many people are still taking the wrong approach when it comes to building a site. It’s a mistake to try to use tricks to get Google’s attention. Instead you have to focus on building a quality foundation, and making a good impression to the search engine with careful improvements to your site. Here’s an overview of the best ways to enhance your site to ensure that you rank well in the world’s most popular search engine.

Relevance and Quality

The top sites on the internet today are highly relevant for their chosen topic, while also offering quality information. It’s important to be highly relevant for specific information, and to provide in-depth articles and videos about that specific data. That’s the way to create a site that will rank well, and to build a site that people enjoy using in general.

Create a Trustworthy Site

Another way to boost your site rankings is to prove that you have a trustworthy website. To do this you have to show that people enjoy using your site and that they value it. There are two different ways to do this. Backlinks and reviews. Try to get customers to leave you reviews on your site itself, and outside review sites to really enhance your company image.

Also work hard to obtain some high PR backlinks. There are different methods to obtain quality backlinks, but having just a few can make your website stand out and improve your rankings dramatically.

Streamline Your Internal Links

When visitors come to your site and read four or five different pages, it makes your site look good. When they go to your site and leave after reading the current page, it makes you look bad. Try to recommend additional pages, split up content over several pages, and improve your internal linking to help get visitors to go to multiple pages. This is a good way to improve your rankings overall.

Produce Interesting Content

Another key factor that Google pays attention to is how long visitors remain at your site. If people are staying for lengthy periods you’ll enjoy higher rankings and get preferred treatment over other websites. That’s why you need to focus on exciting content that actively engages users. Go with videos along with text whenever possible, because visitors will watch videos longer than they will read through content. Also focus on pictures, catchy headlines and bolded content to help keep the attention of visitors.

Cut the Dead Weight

Every mid to large-sized website is carrying around some dead weight. There are pages that don’t get any visitors, or pages that simply aren’t relevant to what you’re business is trying to achieve. Take that Christmas party page for instance. Sure it was a convenient way to let employees know about the party, but it’s not doing anything for your business.

Google looks at all those pages along with the high quality ones and forms an average of your overall quality. Imagine that each of your pages is a runner, and the quality runners are Olympic sprinters, while that Christmas party page is your overweight friend trying to get back into shape. If there are too many overweight friends participating in the race, the overall time average is certainly going to be much slower. That’s the same with your website. Too many irrelevant, or low quality pages, and your rank suffers tremendously. Do yourself a favor and cut the fat, and stick with the lean quality meat of your site.

Not only will this make your site look nicer and improve the user experience of your visitors, but it’s going to make you look better to Google and other search engines as well, which will likely result in an index boost in the future.

Getting a top search engine ranking isn’t something that you’ll do overnight, but it is possible no matter what your site is. Just focus on improving all these elements, and eventually you’ll start ranking for search terms.

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