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The Art of Link Building

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Site Traffic | Posted on 12-11-2010

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Link building is important and must be considered to get the most out of search engine optimization and social media optimization. Unfortunately, some website owners have taken link building in a negative direction through spam messages and unwanted solicitations. The best approach to creating organic linking is to do so honestly. Search engine optimization should always be performed with the value of the visitor in mind.

Whether you are working towards better social media optimization or simply want to maximize the existing search engine optimization of your website, remember that quality is the key. Always avoid unwanted spam as a way of promoting your site. Instead, get involved with communities related to your service, product, or cause. That means supplying information and making blog and forum posts that are informative and spread knowledge.

A second approach to improving search engine optimization with linking is to focus on the content offered by your site. Consider adding helpful tutorials, articles, or other content that readers will find helpful or valuable in some way. This content should pertain to your site’s topic to make fitting in the appropriate keywords for search engine optimization easy. By taking this natural approach to back linking, you can please both the web crawlers and the real live visitors that stop by.

Will Google Caffeine Energize Your Search Engine Optimization Efforts?

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Site Traffic | Posted on 12-11-2010

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Google Caffeine is raising a few questions among professionals regarding search engine optimization and social media marketing. In order to understand how these changes will impact your web hosting company or other business, it is important to know what Google Caffeine is and how it influences search results and ranking.

Google Caffeine is the name given to a recent update made to the Google infrastructure. Labeled a “next generation architecture,” the update directly altered Google’s search function. With new digital media, including blogs, videos, and social media, Google felt it was time they updated their web search to accommodate these newcomers to the virtual world.

The first aspect of Google Caffeine was to equip the web search to store real time content. Speculation remains that when Google updated the way it stores data, it must also update the way it collects it.  Although no details on exactly how this aspect was changed have been given, it is safe to say something was done and will be revealed in time.