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Back to Basics with Keyword Research & Content Creation

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Content Writing | Posted on 18-02-2013

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Do you feel like your SEO work is hitting a dead end?  After a while, you may see your results begin to fizzle out.  If that is the case, it may be time to re-evaluate your strategy and return to SEO basics. Try these simple strategies for SEO success.

Don’t limit your SEO articles to broad keywords.

The broader the keyword, the more results you will get, which means more competition. Therefore, a broad keyword may not necessarily bring you a lot of business.  Do some research and determine what specific keywords will get you results.  For example, rather than using a broad keyword like swimsuit, try specific keywords like girls racing swimsuit or plus size swimsuit.  You can even identify specific products in your keyword, like girls Speedo racing suit size 28.  These specific keywords will generate sales. Choose a specific keyword, test it out, and focus on generating search results.

Do Keyword Research For Product Categories & Specific Products
You can get started by using a tool like Google AdWords to help you research what specific products people are looking for. This may mean a large list of products, so begin in order of importance. You can use this information to improve your page content and HTML page title. Then add creative new content on both category pages and product pages.

Give Your E-commerce Site Personality & Build Trust

One valuable, yet often overlooked tip is to use your site to build trust with the online shopper. Ideally, your keywords will lead new customers to your website who have not purchased from your site before. You have to question what will motivate that shopper to buy a product from you rather than from any other site on the internet. If your high-ranking search results due to well-chosen keywords have brought customers to your website, you must now convince them that this is the place to actually make their purchase.

You need to instill confidence in the shopper that you are a trustworthy, reliable merchant from whom they should feel comfortable making a purchase. That can be difficult to express through a website, but there are a few ways to do it. Start by making sure that your site looks professional. Shoppers want to know that this is a legitimate business—not a hastily cobbled together site that may or may not be legitimate.

Your site should also be easy to navigate and use. If a potential buyer can’t find what they are looking for or the checkout process is difficult, they are likely to move on to the next site in their search results.

Increase Page Strength

A mission statement or value statement can also help to convey a feeling of trust to shoppers and let them know that yours is a business with integrity. In addition, testimonials from other customers lend credence.

A clear and generous return policy is a must for a successful online sale. Credentials indicating the security of making payments on your website are mandatory, as well. RPS should be able to increase its business from both search results and other referral sites by focusing on improving their link popularity and social media engagement.

Avasoft Solutions will help bring your website’s keyword research up to date. As a full service web design company, we understand all aspects of SEO and web design. We know how important usability of your website is and how to use that along with your targeted keywords to help your website rise through the search engine rankings. We offer search engine optimization, social media optimization, and pay per click advertising as well. No matter what kind of website or business you have, Avasoft Solutions can help you maximize traffic and convert that traffic into sales. Call Avasoft Solutions today to learn more about quality web design at an affordable cost.