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Important SEO Factors to Consider When Building a Website

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Site Traffic | Posted on 18-10-2013


When the concept of search engine optimization was first introduced, it consisted mainly of filling your page with a list of keywords in a desperate attempt to earn a place on the big directories.  Since then, things have changed. Content must be appropriate, authoritative, and high-quality. The algorithms used by search engines have become increasingly advanced, and the content that we provide must keep up with those advancements.

This makes the task of earning high rankings in search engine results even more challenging and competitive. The good news is that quality SEO work rests on the foundation of a great website design. Use these SEO tips to give you a leg up on the competition for great search result rankings.

  1. Keywords still matter. It’s not about stuffing the page anymore; it’s about using intelligent variety in your keywords and implementing strategy and analytics. Think of keywords as real estate for which you must contend. Your most important keyword phrases are head terms. These are the terms which describe your business. There will be a lot of competition for these keywords, so think smart. Use variations of each keyword rather than focusing exclusively on ousting the competition. The keywords that relate to your head terms are your long tail terms. Be creative with these terms, because they are an excellent opportunity to grab your piece of the market. Don’t skimp on keyword research; it provides excellent insight into what consumers are looking for. Google’s instant search results are quite valuable in this aspect; just begin typing a few letters, and see what users are looking for.
  2. Use your keywords wisely. Placement is of great priority in making the best use of your keywords. You should place them in your title tag, meta description, navigation and menus, domain, alt text for images, internal and external links, footer links, and H1, H2, and H3 tags. That being said, the text must still be natural, authoritative and well-written. It’s not enough to paste keywords into boxes.
  3. Improve your navigation. The navigation of your page should be friendly both to users and search engines. One way to do so is to always use text on your navigation bar, rather than images. A search engine won’t index the graphic, so in order to appeal to both users and search engines, you must make sure that the search engines can navigate the page. Also, keep your effects simple and text-based. A great way to achieve this is with CSS3, which is text-based and quick to load.
  4. The first place to start optimizing your website is your URL. This is the part of your site that is most often referenced, so make it appealing and easy to remember. Carry this through to your file folder structure, as well.
  5. Optimize your images. Compress them so that they load faster, aiming for 30 to 120 kb with a resolution of 72dpi. Make use of the alt tag to give more information to search engines. Use images sensibly; they should always relate to the surrounding content and be appropriately titled and captioned. For the sake of clear organization, put all images into a folder labeled “images.”
  6. Even if you don’t understand the hype, don’t neglect social media. Social media sites are the most visited sites on the internet, and they present an easy opportunity to share information and improve the visibility of your business. Use sharing buttons on your web pages. The simple act of a user clicking the “like” button boosts your visibility to a huge number of potential customers.

Avasoft Solutions can help you design a great website while also considering important SEO factors. We offer search engine optimization, social media optimization, pay per click advertising, and complete web design. Contact us today!