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Have a Mobile Site or Let Go of Valuable Mobile Traffic

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Site Traffic | Posted on 19-05-2015


Google Makes Major Revisions to its Search Engine for Mobile Results


Google releases the biggest mobile search revision to date and unprepared webmasters around the world lose out on mobile traffic.

Starting on April 21st 2015 Google made a major change to its search engine for mobile devices. Mobile-friendly webpages now receive a major boost in the search results, and all the other sites will drop down in mobile results. Google noticed mobile search numbers climbing, with desktop and tablet searches declining year after year and predicted that mobile would eventually overtake desktop queries.

In early May, Google announced that Mobile search queries are now ahead of desktop and tablet queries in number showing just how important it is to tap into that base of visitors. It’s now more important than ever to have a mobile-friendly website, and pages that aren’t mobile friendly will likely lose a portion of their mobile traffic over time as future updates are rolled out from Google and other search engines.

Adding a Mobile Search

During interviews at SMX West and SMX Munich the Google panels made it clear that major changes were coming. The Munich panel stated that the April search engine changes would be larger in impact than the Penguin or Panda updates were, but just for mobile platforms. This has led industry experts to speculate that a separate search engine is being developed for mobile devices specifically. Whether Google has a mobile-specific search engine or not, it’s clear that major changes have already occurred in the mobile ranking system. A larger portion of sites with an “M” subdomain (signifying a mobile version) were clearly seen at the top of mobile search results after the update.

Checking Your Website

Google recently released their Mobile-Friendly, giving webmasters a way to check to see if a webpage shows properly on a mobile device. Visiting Google’s Mobile Friendly Test page makes testing any page of your site quick and easy. Simply enter the URL and it will give you back a yes or no answer in just a few moments. If you find out that your site is mobile friendly you don’t have anything to worry about, but if it isn’t it’s a good time to start planning how you’ll fix the issue.

Making the Necessary Changes

Once webmasters know their websites aren’t mobile-friendly it’s important that they make the necessary changes to allow mobile devices more comfortable access. Owners who aren’t sure what to do should seek help from web designers and professionals that specialize in adjusting websites to be mobile friendly.

Avasoft excels at converting standard websites into mobile-friendly sites. Find out how you can change your website and get it back to the top of mobile search engine results.

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