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2016: Manual Link Building & SEO

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Site Traffic | Posted on 19-02-2016


Manual Link Building isn’t Going anywhere in 2016

We’ve just passed over the horizon and moved from 2015 to 2016. While the change might not feel much different to you, SEO specialists are already speculating on whether this will be the year that manual link building for SEO dies. Many companies rely on manual link building to move up to better positions in search engines. Some specialists believe that content building is going to take over completely for link building, and I just don’t think that’s the case. Manual link building is here to stay, and here’s why.

Pure Content Marketing Just Doesn’t Bring in Enough Links

After the Google Penguin update first hit, many webmasters and SEO firms moved away from manual link building. The practice became more difficult and not worth their time, or so they thought. Instead they tried pure content marketing to “earn links naturally”. The idea was that creating high quality content would naturally lead to people linking to it over time. It’s a great idea in practice, but unfortunately those specialists saw that links never came in. Most of that content was wasted without the links to get it ranked, and it just sat around attracting dust.

Both BuzzSumo and Moz did a pretty extensive test to find out if high quality posts with a major social following were more linked than less popular posts. Going off the idea that quality content attracts more links, you would expect highly shared articles and pages to be heavily linked. That wasn’t so.

After looking at more than 750,000 articles, there was no correlation found between high social media shares and inbound links. That’s to say that people were visiting the sites, but they weren’t linking to them in a way that Google or another search engine would value.

Earning Manual Links is Tough Work

As long as building manual links to your website remains a difficult task, Google is going to value those links highly. Google differentiated itself as the best search engine early on by using inbound links as a ranking factor for the different pages listed. While Penguin, and other previous updates worked hard to eliminate spam links and to treat them negatively, Google isn’t just going to throw away what made it great in the first place. No it’s going to focus on quality manual links that are becoming less prevalent over time.

Real link building is difficult for all the following reasons and many more, so learning to do it is going to benefit your company no matter what the gurus say.

  • You must be creative
  • Human relationships are involved
  • Actual communication is required for quality links
  • The links aren’t on pages you can generate
  • Quality marketing results in quality links

Links will Always be Valuable to a Business

Let’s imagine that Google stops valuing links. Does that mean that manual-built links lose all their value? Absolutely not! Links were never put in place to help Google rank websites. They were designed to serve as passageways from one site to another.

As long as you are building links on quality websites, you’re always going to draw some benefit from having them in place. Whether that’s the look of authority you get from being recommended, the referral traffic you get from those websites, or something, you’re going to gain more than you lose from the effort involved building high quality links.

Don’t let those so called “pros” scare you away from building manual links. Sure it’s true that isn’t the only thing you should be doing today. You need quality content and you should be using social media as well, but links matter and they are useful. If you’re avoiding links today you’re skipping over a major opportunity, and that’s not something any business owner likes to hear.

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