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Four Principles to Help Your On-Page SEO Succeed this Year

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Site Traffic, Website Technical Issues | Posted on 17-06-2016


We’ve covered off-page SEO heavily, and optimizing for mobile users in 2016, but until now we haven’t really talked about on-page SEO for 2016. It’s not quite as important as it once was, but it’s still a vital part of the SEO recipe. Read over and test out each of the four principles down below, and you’ll be more successful at ranking your webpages, which is the goal right?

Meet the Searcher’s Needs Specifically

Whenever you pick a keyword to add to a page of your website, consider what searchers typing that key phrase are going to be looking for. You want to offer exactly what a searcher hopes to find. Doing so will get the searcher excited and will dramatically improve your success rate of not only getting visitors to the site but getting repeat businesses and improving your SEO ranking.

If the key phrase is “What Fishing Lures Do Bass Prefer?” you don’t know if the searcher is asking about large mouth or small mouth bass. You also don’t know what fishing conditions the searcher is interested in. That’s why you should try and cover all those things in your post, or choose a more specific keyword. It’s important to anticipate what the searcher wants from you. If you do this well you’ll have a low bounce rate, which will help you obtain a higher rank in search engines.

Create a Professional Image

Think about it, anytime that you conduct a search and visit a website you likely form an idea of whether the site you’re visiting is professional or not based on how it looks. Certain sites look really trustworthy, and others you probably want to get off as fast as you got on. It’s important that you do everything you can to make yours look professional.

  • Add testimonials
  • Use references for any facts
  • Rely on seals of approval when you get them
  • Keep the page clean and easy to navigate
  • Rely on a professional sounding domain name

Do most of the above and you’ll create a website that people trust from the moment that they arrive. You want users to feel comfortable and to trust the information that you provide. If you don’t achieve this then you can’t hope to get much value from your website at all.

Incorporate Keywords Wisely

Incorporating keywords on your website is one of the most important things that you can do to rank in search engines today. You probably already know that, but what you might not know is exactly where you should incorporate those keywords to have the greatest impact. Studies show that you want keywords in the title of your page, in the body of your content and in alt attributes around your page.

You also want anchor links pointing back to your website from other sites with the keyword in them and internal links from one page to another that contain the keyword. Any images that you use on your website should contain a keyword in the file name to help you show up in Google image search. Adding keywords in all of these places will help you rank more effectively, but won’t get you the ranking without adding in some of the above methods as well.

Be Unique and Offer High Quality Content

While it’s important to create quality websites that offer good information, it’s also important to offer unique information, or a unique perspective on the information on your website. For difficult keywords it’s important to be entirely unique and offer something that nobody else is offering. For low to mid-level keywords you can supply similar content to what other websites offer, but you should do so at a much higher level of quality than your competitors. This ensures that you gain notice and enjoy a successful website over the long term.

Do each of the above things and you’re pages will be much more likely to rank in search engines. You don’t have to master any of the above on-page SEO techniques, but getting better at them will allow you to rank for more difficult keywords and obtain higher levels of traffic.

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