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AI Content vs Human Content: Can AI Replace Humans?

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Content Writing | Posted on 21-11-2018


According to one survey, as much as 73% of Americans are threatened with the prospect of AI or Artificial Intelligence eliminating jobs, while 23% of them are worried that it will cost them their jobs. There is no doubt that AI will be a huge part of the future of virtually everything, but, will AI replace humans?

AI Content Generation

In the aspect of content marketing, AI already has dipped its hands in the creation of blogs, web pages, and personalized advertising among others. In fact, it is helping marketers cope with the constantly changing market by helping them analyze user data. Here are some roles AI is playing in content marketing.

  • Automatic Content Generation

Simple stories can be created by AI from sports to stock updates. This is done through an algorithm that has been used by companies like Yahoo, Fox, and Associated Press for years!

  • Interaction with Users

If you have heard of Chatbots, then you should know that these are AI in the form of computer programs designed to mimic conversations with real humans. These are used to answer questions in real time to make pages look more responsive or even flaunt promotional content. This is seen as a positive step towards customer support.

  • Customized New Feeds

This is widely used in social networks to allow users to see posts or contents that they are interested in. The process involves analyzing hundreds of variables to help predict what the user wants or is interested in. The algorithm works with significantly amazing accuracy.

  • Predictive Intelligence

AI can help increase efficiency of businesses by understanding customer wants and needs. It also helps in identifying potential buyers to make the sales process faster and more profitable. The information is used mostly to enhance engagement and target specific buyer markets.

  • Creation and Sharing of Content

Regularly sharing relevant and engaging content becomes easier with AI. This supports the goal of moving prospective customers from the awareness stage to the buying stage in order to move more products. The algorithm takes charge of the collection of data from the target market to the point where advertisement is welcomed.

  • Excellent Customer Experience

Finally, perhaps one of the greatest contributions of AI is helping understand the buying market. This allows companies to respond better and deliver higher quality services in almost no time at all. The result is a greatly satisfied customer.

Remaining Valuable

With all of these delivered by AI, will human participation simply die? Not exactly, because despite the emergence of Natural Language Generation (NLG) technology, content creation of humans will still find its niche. Let’s check out some of the competition, shall we?

  • Heliograf

The Washington Post makes use of this proprietary in-house technology to free up the time of writers rather than replace them. By 2017 the AI has been responsible for creating around 850 articles from football games to automated earnings coverage. This AI remains proprietary to date.

  • Quill

Narrative Science developed this to automatically communicate relevant information. Supposedly it is capable of carrying out complex tasks without requiring huge computing power. It can generate focused, relevant, and insightful analysis using human or machine compiled data. Quill can produce around 100,000 stories for about $70,000 a year.

  • Wordsmith

The Associated Press, which is considered as one of the biggest news conglomerate in the world, relies on AI in publishing articles. The articles covered college, sports to financial reports by relying on human instructions. When given the right information, articles can be done in a few seconds, but just how much it would cost? Your guess is as good as mine.

Irreplaceable Humans

Despite all the fuss and hype about AI, the time for the machines to take over is not yet here. Believe it or not, we still have the upper hand even when it comes to content marketing even if our AI counterparts seem so sophisticated. Why?

  • Human Touch

No matter how complex the programming is, at this point in time, no machine can yet come close to the human touch. The wealth of emotions that a human can place into a story can vary distinctly based on the meaningful experiences of the writer.

  • Expensive

Unlike humans who are open to negotiations, the cost of using AI can be quite expensive. This means that unless you have the “means”, access to the perks of the technology may just be out of reach. Of course, there are affordable technological options, but, as with anything else, you get what you pay for. So a dollars’ worth of technology may give you something that is not even worth the paper it is written on.

  • Relatable

The readers and target markets remain human. So unless your company is selling to some androids or cyborgs, then relating to how AI creates contents may be a bit difficult to do. Communicating with the target market must be done on their level, so you still need a human to make humans feel the urge to buy. Being able to relate to what is being written has such an incredibly powerful impact to literally move people.

We also cannot lose sight of the fact that there are still some instances wherein AI contents may be technically correct, but so awkwardly worded that it fails to communicate the intended message. Currently, without human guidance, well written contents can easily turn offensive when left unchecked.

So, even if you feel you are outmatched, have no fear, the AI invasion isn’t here yet. This means you still have time to spice up your game and remain the boss by becoming the human editor of AI written content.

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Google Core Algorithm Update: How It Affected Websites and Tips to Recover

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Site Traffic | Posted on 19-09-2018


Every SEO expert and webmaster understands the importance of Google updates. This is because the algorithm is responsible for changing the filters, data refreshes, and other alterations that can cause websites to drop in SEO visibility or ranking. How does Google core algorithm affect your websites?

Introduction to Core Update

Google update is the term used for describing the changes that affect how rankings are calculated by the search engine. Updates can be minor or major depending on its impact to the users. The goal is to improve both the relevance and quality of the results returned from user searches.

This is done by focusing on specific features like the ability to counteract spam or identify duplicate contents. Majority of the updates are manually initiated while others form part of the core algorithm of the search engine. The Google core update is part of the search engine itself and is now continuously and automatically rolled out.

There are roughly 600 updates to the algorithm every year with majority of these being done unnoticed by the user. Most of the time these are unannounced as well even in the search engine industry. The most significant by far does not include new features to the core algorithm but only updates the data it uses.

The Effect on Website Owners

Careful calculation is done with every update to the core algorithm to come up with the best ranking possible for search results. Each update tackles specific issues that are related to the way search results are handled.

The Panda update on February 2011 for example was designed to focus on low quality content in websites. The goal is to improve the quality of the search results by the ability to distinguish between what is low quality websites and what is not.

Since January 2016, Google began ranking low quality websites as part of its core algorithm. The huge change in the rankings seen by specialists were linked to the minor updates done on the core algorithm.


Comments from webmasters/siteowners, or Google representatives

According to Matt Cutts of Google, “The goal of many of our ranking changes is to help searchers find sites that provide a great user experience and fulfill their information needs.”

Based on a small independent survey conducted by Barry Schwartz who covers SEO space, the most dramatically affected websites are those related to health.

Tyler Bishop who is a certified publishing partner of Google says, “In my subjective observations, the sites that saw decreases seemed to have relied on several URLs for a large percentage of their traffic and these URLs had not been updated in a while. This may say something about the importance of updating content overtime — even if it is “evergreen”.”

Tips or Efforts to Recover from Dropped Rankings & Traffic

Here are some tips on how to handle drops in rankings and traffic caused by the Google core algorithm update.

  • Penalty Rank Drop
    This is characterized by a huge drop in rankings that usually happens overnight. Penalty drops often demote you 10 to 20 positions. You must realize that algorithmic penalties automatically happen and commonly occurs with rolled out updates.

    Check the Webmaster Tools account to get a clearer picture and better understanding of the rank drop. There should be some type of notifications in the Site Messages to alert you of GoogleBot detected issues.

    Most of the time you can prevent penalty rank drops by continuously tracking links and use special tools that alert you of changes in your link profile.

  • Outranked by Competitor
    If a competitor outranks you, there will only be a slight drop in your rankings. You can even see which competitor has outranked you because other websites will be in the same position as they were before.

    You need to constantly monitor and analyze all competitor sites including social profiles to be updated on what they are doing. When you continuously track main competitors, it will be easier to understand link building strategies they employ giving you a heads up on their next possible moves. Adapt your own strategies accordingly.

  • On-Page Issue
    Drops in rankings and traffic can also be caused by on-page issues. The result is either a noticeable drop in the rankings or there is no growth of your site. This is despite your efforts to consistently create content and build your links.

    The Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) can give you some insights to understand the cause of the problem. HTML Improvements can help in detecting problems associated with tags. The PageSpeed Insights also delivers valuable data on potential problems with your site and suggests way to fix them.

    Prevent this type of issues by extensively using GWT to keep track of your site. Make use of the notifications as well to be updated on everything that is happening with your website.

Now you have a better understanding of how Google core algorithm updates can affect your websites.

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5 Common Mistakes Small Businesses Make with SEO and How to Use it the Right Way

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Site Traffic | Posted on 19-07-2018


In today’s business scene, it is no longer true that only big businesses can make it. How can small businesses level the playing field or even dominate it? The answer lies in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). By using the proper techniques, small businesses have the ability to dominate local search and turn it into gold.

Avoid Mistakes

Knowing what to do is as valuable as knowing what not to do. So to make the most of your SEO efforts, make sure that you stay away from these common mistakes.

1. Improper SEO Planning

Truth is that SEO should be considered across the board regardless whether you are redesigning or relaunching a website. This emphasizes the importance of having an experienced SEO professional on board from the onset.

2. Short-term Development

It is a common mistake to think that SEO cannot be used as a reliable long-term business strategy. The reality is that it helps to improve traffic, rankings, and conversions, provided that you are in tune with the rules of search engines. This is where SEO expertise and management becomes valuable.

3. Web Developer Takes Over

For small businesses to dominate, it needs high level SEO experts because of the amount of information to track as well as the variables to consider. Web developers have a different specialization and do not have the necessary tools, skills, and experience to maximize SEO benefits.

4. Buying a Dream

Remember the saying that when something is too good to be true, it probably is? Well, that applies to SEO as well. Avoid buying SEO offerings that make incredible promises.

5. Using Wrong Metrics

To make sure that SEO activities are working, you need detailed tracking procedures. Just because tracked conversions, organic traffic, and website visibility is increasing does not mean SEO is working.

Making SEO Work

To run a successful SEO campaign, small businesses should be aware of its relationship with content marketing. Why? Because any SEO without content marketing can be like a body without a soul; meaning there is no substance. Success is ensured when both come together with a singular purpose.

How can small businesses make it work the right way? Here are some things to consider.

1. Keywords

Relevant keywords and putting them into action in the content will create higher search engine result ranking. The keywords must be used appropriately and strategically to achieve a balance of SEO and content.

Using analysis tools to seek out the most popular keywords for your target market and embedding them will result in higher ranking and a boost in traffic. Distribute the keywords reasonably in the title and body section.

2. Quality

What do we mean by quality? This means creative, unique, fresh, and consistent. You cannot have one quality content followed by a dozen useless ones. Keep in mind that content will convert people into clients primarily because it helps to solve specific issues they have.

Quality content also refers to the influence that it can exert on the targeted visitors. This is extremely important in determining page relevance.

3. SEO Experience

Some think that the whole SEO experience centers on articles, keywords, backlinks, and blogs. On the contrary, it also has to do with enhancing metadata, appropriate use of tags, and optimization of robots.txt.

It is the technical optimization of the website that makes it appealing not only to search engines, but also to visitors. URL optimization and making the slug is equally important to ensure that all the pages remain relevant and properly categorized. With a properly plotted sitemap, users should have no problem going through your website.

4. Linking

The surest way to build traffic for your website would be to make use of inbound linking. This is a major factor in many successful SEO campaigns. By connecting with high-domain authority sites, the increase in traffic will be unbelievably drastic. How do you develop the links? The best way is to have expert content, get a link back, and boost traffic.

How do you make SEO work right for small businesses? By ensuring that appropriate SEO is paired with the right content marketing. Then you can watch your business go through the roof.

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