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9 Things to Validate While Auditing E-Commerce Sites for SEO

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Site Traffic | Posted on 15-07-2016


When it comes to getting SEO right, few sites are more delicate than those focused on e-commerce. The website itself is relied on for a huge part of the company’s profits, and without good SEO strategies, the site might be scaring off more customers than it’s bringing in. That’s why it’s so important to know what to look for when evaluating your e-commerce website, so take a few minutes to learn about the main things that you must validate when enhancing the SEO of your site.

Thicken up Your Content and Get Rid of Duplicates

One of the worst things you can do is to post duplicate descriptions for multiple products on your site, or to have descriptions with very few words at all. That’s because Google will see your site as spammy, or lacking depth. Be careful to avoid using the product descriptions provided by the manufacturer of a product, because they are going to be listed on dozens of other sites as well as your own. When you know that some sections of your page have duplicate content, such as headers, block them off using robots.txt to keep your website in good standing.

  • Avoid using manufacturer product descriptions
  • Provide in-depth descriptions that discuss the features of a product
  • Block off duplicate sections of your page with robots.txt

Use Canonical Links

It’s possible for Google to see the same page as multiple pages when its URL is changed or referenced multiple ways. This happens commonly with online shopping systems and is a serious issue. When your page is counted as multiple pages you can get flagged for duplicate content, and also have the authority of each page reduced dramatically. To fix the issue you can use simple canonical tags.

To uses Canonical links you go to every one of the different instances of your one page and give them the same canonical link. You do this by going into the header and adding a <link> HTML element, with the rel=canonical” attribute along with the one URL that you want all the pages to count for. As long as you do this all your different pages will count as the one page, and you’ll enjoy improved SEO authority for it.

Update Sitemaps Regularly

Fresh sitemaps will help your new content get indexed by Google and other search engines faster. If your site has thousands of pages that all have to be searched through for an update, it’s going to take much longer for a new page or post to register, slowing down your SEO efforts. That’s why you should keep a sitemap updated with each new addition that you bring to your website, so the crawler bot can spot new changes immediately.

Speed up Your Site

There are several ways that you can speed up the load times of your site and really improve the rankings through the eyes of Google. One of the best ways that you can enhance your site speed is through static caching. This saves static copies of your webpages so that they can be served up immediately rather than having to dynamically load each and every time. Your customers will enjoy much faster load times because of that. If you have a large site that’s full of content and visited by thousands of people, you should consider relying on multiple servers to host that content. With multiple servers you’ll have multiple elements of a page being loaded at once, dramatically speeding up those load times for you. Finally, you should use tools to compress any CSS style sheets on your website to help them load faster. It’s easy to do and you can accomplish the task with a simple tool.

  • Static cache your site pages
  • Rely on multiple servers
  • Compress CSS

There are many ways that you can improve your e-commerce website, but tackling these common problem areas should go a long way toward making your site more accessible and helping you get the high rankings that you need to bring in hundreds or thousands of new customers.

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