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Google has been releasing updates in leaps and bounds over the past couple of years.  One of the search engine’s most controversial updates was last year’s Panda update—until now.  Google’s most recent update was Penguin, that has resulted in websites dropping right off the first page of...

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What is E-A-T SEO: The Proper Way to Create Content

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Site Traffic | Posted on 19-07-2019


What is E-A-T?

If you consider yourself a content creator, website owner, or anything related to building a website in providing informative articles to the public then understanding what E-A-T is can save or even improve your website. E-A-T is an acronym that stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness. I bet knowing what that acronym stands for already sparks some ideas in your head of what it entails.

Expertise – How knowledgeable are you in the subject being talked about in your website or articles? Do you have experience with it first hand or second hand? Any literature that you can cross reference? These questions could be the basic pointers of where your expertise level is. This is important to classify your website or article as something credible and not just a gossip.

Authoritativeness – This compliments your expertness. Your credibility as the writer or website owner publishing the content. Credentials, reviews, testimonials, etc., that you receive will prove that you’re not just an expert but also an author.

Trustworthiness – Determines how trustworthy your website or article is. When someone reads your content, can they follow and believe in what you’re saying? This also includes the overall site quality. Trustworthiness will decide your rankings on Google, low trustworthiness level will lower your rank and all the points above will be for naught.

Why is it important?

A lot of people have reported that their website’s traffic has been decreased since the update rolled out. The quicker you adapt to this situation the better it will be, especially for YMYL websites. YMYL stands for Your Money or Your Life.

According to Google, YMYL website are the type of pages that could potentially impact the future happiness, health, financial stability, or safety of users. The reason why Google emphasize on how important E-A-T is, is to protect consumers or readers from malicious, less reliable or accurate, and ‘empty’ websites that are only chasing after traffic instead of ensuring the quality of their contents. If your business falls under the umbrella of YMYL then E-A-T is very important for you to learn.

If you think that only small websites are affected than you’re dead wrong. Look at the data below

source: moz.com

As of 18th of July 2019, Prevention.com ranked 7/10 and cPR score of 7.8/10. It’s one of the many big websites that got affected by the update.

How to E-A-T?

Reading this, you must be thinking “How do I get along with the system?” and trying to find out how to avoid being demoted or if you’re already affected, how to recover from it? Let’s take a look at the solutions step by step.

1. Self-reflection and introspection

The new of SEO is no longer about tricking search engines into giving you traffic. Read back your content that you published, and be honest; are they credible, useful or informative? Will your readers gain anything from your published content? If the answer is no, then it’s time to fix it.

2. Improve the quality of your content

After checking back your past published content, you can either update your content, merge with other posts or just get rid of them. A poor quality content can ruin your overall reputation, since they’re not going anywhere unless you do something about it. Remember, if you’re planning to delete some older posts don’t forget to implement relevant redirects.

3. Remember some key elements to achieve E-A-T

Here are some basic pointers for your site’s improvement:

  • Show everyone the experts on your website, anyone creating content on your website should have an author profile with their credentials.
  • Off-page optimization: Managing your website’s reputation by receiving press coverage – get featured on reputable sites, reviews – have others to evaluate your site, testimonials – feedback from your consumers or readers.
  • Become an expert > gain authority > receive trustworthiness, this should be the path that you follow.


E-A-T is definitely essential for the improvement of overall enjoyment for consumers. The main idea is that your site should offer the correct information. The era of tricking the system, writing click-bait articles, and spamming the platform with incorrect contents is over. If you do it properly and fulfill the E-A-T requirements, your site will be on top naturally and won’t get knocked down by less reputable sites.

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