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Introducing IFrames for Facebook Social Networking

Facebook has become one of the best social networking resources for many businesses and professionals. Companies can reach out to hundreds or even thousands of users, sharing information, updates and apps. As of March 11th, 2011 the way apps and pages work on Facebook has been changed, or rather given...

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Search Engine Optimization for your Videos and Images

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Avasoft Service, Site Traffic | Posted on 20-01-2011

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Search engine optimization is very important for anyone who owns a website and wants to see it thrive. If you want to rank well, you must learn how to play the keyword game while providing quality content. Google is becoming smarter and the old methods are not cutting it anymore. Poor search engine optimization practices are being penalized, which means businesses must stay on top of the best methods or suffer the consequences.

One popular approach to search engine optimization is through the use of sitemaps. A sitemap allows search engines to review all content on a site, including video and images. Ever since the first site maps were used in 2005, website owners have been adding them to improve search engine optimization by sharing details about a greater variety of content offered on their site.

What is a Site Map?

Simply stated, a site map is a list of the available pages on a website. These pages are used by search engine crawlers to gather information about that site. The reason site maps are preferred over traditional methods (such as simply accessing the landing page) is their detail for search engine optimization. The site map can include resources available on the site that the crawler may miss. This is especially important for those who wish to perform search engine optimization on a site that has dynamic content.

The Benefits of Joomla Web Design for Businesses in the USA, UK and Canada

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Avasoft Service | Posted on 17-01-2011

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Joomla web design is a popular choice for many businesses located all over the world, including America, Canada and the United Kingdom. As a business owner, you have many options when hiring a professional to create an attractive, functional web space for your company. Before settling on a specific firm, find out how you can benefit from Joomla web design. You may decide to look specifically for a Joomla designer.

User Friendly Interface through Joomla’s Admin System

You do not have to be a professional web designer to understand how to use Joomla’s administrative system. This system gives the administrator access to make updates and changes to the site as necessary. It is designed to be simple to learn, even for those with little to no design knowledge.  Your Joomla web designer can help you get started so you can manage your site on the back end and create a seamless presentation of updated content for visitors.

Visually and Functionally Appealing Websites

Joomla web sites look just as professional as other websites. There is a great deal of design versatility so your business website looks great and draws in more visitors.  Working with your Joomla web designer, you can come up with an original layout and design that works for your industry but doesn’t look like a cookie cutter version of your competition’s websites. Whether your business is in Canada, the UK or USA, customers from all over the world can use your Joomla website.

Built In Online Marketing for Your Business

Search engine optimization is a very important aspect of creating a company website. This is the best way to get your business out in front of more people. Even businesses that operate locally can benefit from SEO. Joomla really shines when it comes to search engine optimization because Joomla comes with built in SEO tools. This can help your site move up on the search results page and bring in more potential customers. Joomla web design services may be one of the best things you have ever purchased for your business.