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Big Content: Why it’s Worth the Risk

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Content Writing, Site Traffic | Posted on 19-11-2012

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Most business owners today understand how important their website is. They write a few articles and just toss them up there and don’t think about it again until the next time they need to post something. But great content development is essential if you want to make the most of your website. If you don’t go big on your blog, then you might as well go home. Here’s what we mean by going big.

It takes a lot of thinking and effort to produce it. It’s also not your standard content. When you go big on your blog, you create content that gets a lot of traffic, even years after you’ve posted it. If you’re blogging successfully, then you’ll see drastic improvements in traffic that are sustained for longer periods of time. So how do you do it? Here are some tips for creating content that sticks around in the search engines.

  • Don’t be afraid to push the envelope. Content that has staying power usually isn’t your standard article. It’s got nice graphics and is designed in a more complex manner that’s not easily forgettable. It becomes a reference guide for people because it’s more than just an article that comes to an end and lies flat on your site. It’s alive and breathing, and people will sense that when they come to your blog.
  • Create a flowchart. Instead of just writing an article about how to do something, why not create a flowchart about it? Many people learn better with images than with words, so by combining the two, you’re creating a piece of content that not only looks sharp, but also conveys the information you want to pass along to your readers.
  • Look at ways to add links to your content. It shouldn’t be a single, stand-alone, dead end page. There should be plenty of avenues away from that page, and most of those avenues can be to other pages on your site. For example, you might consider linking your YouTube videos to the graphics in certain places. Other links might be to other articles on your site, pages about your services, or pop-up graphics that provide just a little bit of information. Once again, you’ve got content that lives and breathes because it’s interactive.
  • Content with staying power doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive, long, or complex. It could even be a single page, but that single page had better be awesome. You will likely find that it takes a full work week just to develop the information on that single page. This page can be a single reference guide to something in your industry. If you’ve done your job, it will be the go-to source for that set of information within your industry.
  • The best content makes your website a hard act to follow. Your competitors shouldn’t easily be able to copy you. It not only builds up your brand, but also sets you apart from competitors because your content is a lot better than theirs, and they probably won’t be able to do much about it.
  • Don’t assume one idea will do the trick. You’ll need variety if you want to create the go-to site or source of all information within your industry. You’ll also need some big ideas to go along with all that variety.

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