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SEO Factors to Consider When Building a New Website

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Site Traffic, Website Technical Issues | Posted on 20-11-2014


SEO is usually an afterthought; it is added to a website after the site has been built at a point when it could probably use an update. Consider, then, how much more beneficial SEO can be if it is designed as an integrated component of the website from the time that the site is built. Here are some important factors to keep in mind to make your website SEO ready.

  1. Keep the code simple. Coding offers lots of options for reaching the same end result. Some of those options are better than others, though. Keep your code as simple and minimal as possible; the same goes for your layout. A simple code will operate more smoothly in a variety of browsers. A more complicated code equals larger files, which means that the page will load more slowly. A more complicated code also offers more opportunities for errors, which can lead to crawling issues. And if you decide to update your site later on, it will be easier to do so if you have a simpler code.
  2. Blogging is a crucial component of your site. Nearly every site uses a blog, so keep this in mind when you are building a new site and use a CMS with an integrated blog. Integrated means that the blog shares the same domain and shares the look, feel, and personality of the site.
  3. The site should offer consistency. Each piece of content should not have an individual style; rather, it should contribute to an overall sense of consistency throughout the site. Every style should be coded into the main style sheet. By doing so, the content will be consistent throughout the site and it will be easier to make changes in the future. It also helps to minimize problems.
  4. Content should be relevant and helpful. This comes into play primarily in the blog, but it is also relevant in your home page, product description pages, category pages, landing pages, and information pages. Think about how and where you will use content on your site so that you can structure that content effectively. With proper planning, content can be structured so that it enhances the user experience.
  5. Site speed impacts search rankings as well as user experience. Keep your site speed as fast as possible by selecting a host in the relevant country and keeping your code simple. You should also keep HTML, CSS, and JS files to a minimum. Use CSS3 instead of images when possible. Improve your server response times by using database caching. You can look for more ways to improve your site speed by using Google’s page speed tool.
  6. Employ a responsive design to improve mobile traffic. Mobile comprises an increasingly large part of internet traffic, and your page must be prepared to respond to that.
  7. User experience is probably the most important aspect of your website. Keep this in mind when you are building a new site. Sit down and make a plan; make a list of all the categories and pages that you need, deciding which areas are most important. Consider how each page will be accessed, and plan your navigation appropriately.
  8. Make SEO controls simple. New blog posts should have carefully chosen page titles. Meta descriptions should be, well, descriptive. Use alt tags on images, and relevant links on content. Keep the site interface simple so that you can add relevant SEO as time permits.

These SEO factors will help you to develop a new site that is SEO ready.

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