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Strategizing Content to Work Within Panda and Penguin

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Content Writing, Site Traffic | Posted on 18-02-2015


At the end of 2014, Google released Panda and Penguin, two new updates that are intended to get rid of bad content and spammy links. The penalties for bad content and spammy links can be harsh, so this is a good time to reevaluate your content.

Quality Content

Panda’s update is intended to push websites into providing high-quality content and kick offenders down in SERPs. Panda was originally introduced back in 2011 for the purpose of eliminating low-quality content farms. Back then, content farms were getting pretty good rankings simply because of the volume of content they were producing. However, the quality of the content was crap. Content farms were also keyword-stuffing their content. This got them high search rankings, while the better quality content was being pushed down to page two. Panda played an important role in weeding out content farms and making room for high-quality content on page one. There’s still some bad content out there, though. New updates to Panda are minor tweaks, not major shakeups like we saw in 2011.

The newest update of Panda, Panda 4.1, came out last fall. It affected 3 – 5% of search queries. This update is great news for small and medium sized businesses who have great content and want to boost their search rankings. So how do you know if you have bad content? Here’s what you need to look out for.

  1. Your web content needs to offer value to users. Google is fully committed to giving its users a great experience. If your site is full of boring, useless information, you are providing users with a bad experience and preventing Google from achieving its goals. The next Panda update could be bad news for you.
  2. Your web content should be shifting toward longer form. The trend in the industry is toward longer, more in-depth content. Instead of a 600 word article, go for a more substantial 1200 or 1800 word article. It generates more traffic, and keeps users on your site longer.
  3. Don’t use duplicate content. It isn’t news that duplicate content will earn you a Google penalty, and that continues to be true.
  4. Don’t keyword stuff. The experts have been saying this for years, but people are still doing it. It will get you penalties, and it won’t work.
  5. Use information that is current and relevant. If you are referring to a particular study, then it had better be recent, and the results had better be accurate. Panda will penalize you for outdated or incorrect information.

How to Improve Your Content

  1. Research thoroughly, before you write. Know what your audience wants, and create content that delivers to those wants.
  2. Know what’s trending. Your content should be timely and useful. You need to know what’s trending with your demographic so that you can deliver content that will interest them.
  3. Provide specific examples. Don’t rely on abstract explanations. Instead, give concrete examples or use infographics. Including good links to help your visitors get more information.
  4. Format carefully. This is essential for a good user experience. We tend to skim, not to read closely and thoroughly. Keep this in mind, and make sure that you break up the content with bold headlines and bullet points so that readers can glean information at a glance.
  5. Always proofread. Grammatical errors can actually hurt your search rankings. Even if you manage to sneak into the top search rankings with grammatical errors, it will damage your image in the eyes of your visitors. A visitor won’t take your business seriously if your site is full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

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