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Mobile-Friendly Isn’t Enough for Local Businesses, 3 Pitfalls to Avoid

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Site Traffic | Posted on 20-08-2015


3 Pitfalls to Avoid, From a Recent #LocalU Hangout

Today most consumers understand mobile technology and they get the appeal of being able to whip out their phone and look up a local restaurant or store that they want to visit. It’s convenient and it’s easy to do. Unfortunately many businesses aren’t on the same page as consumers. According to SCORE, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping businesses become mobile friendly, around 93.3 percent of all businesses still don’t have mobile-friendly websites. That’s an astoundingly large pool of business owners who are missing out on mobile customers, who as it turns out are serious paying customers.

Mobile Users are Serious Customers

According to a recent study by Google, around half of all customers that make a mobile search on a smartphone visit a store within a day from the search. That means that most people who are looking for things on their smartphones are ready to make purchases, and the businesses that come up in the search results are going to get all the money, while everyone else loses out. That’s why it’s so important to start offering good mobile results to users.

You Aren’t the Exception

According to Cindy Krum from Mobile Moxie, most business owners understand the value of mobile technology and having a mobile presence, but when it comes to their own business they believe they are the exception to the rule. They think that even if they don’t take a step forward and start catering to mobile customers that they are still going to do well in business and get the same number of customers. This simply isn’t the case, every business can benefit by adopting mobile technology and optimizing their site to work with smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

A Responsive Site isn’t Enough

Many businesses are relying on a responsive website, or a site that automatically adjusts to fit the size of the device browsing the site, because it’s a quick and easy fix to the mobile problem. Unfortunately this solution isn’t good enough for most mobile companies. Many times a responsive site causes mobile users to have to scroll far more than desktop users do. That means that to access your product or service, the user has to spend minutes scrolling down the page past all the text and graphics. This isn’t something that most people are willing to do. To make sure your site is working well for all the visitors you get, access it using Chrome’s mobile emulator tool. It allows you to take a look at your site through a variety of mobile device sizes to learn how it feels. If it’s annoying to use on some common sizes, you have some work to do still.

You Need to Access Mobile Relevant Information

While out and about most customers don’t want to look at details about every product that you offer. Instead they want quick summaries and contact, and location information above everything else. Make sure that all the most valuable information is out in front, and push the rest to the back for those select customers that really do want all that extra info. Making the important details readily accessible will dramatically improve mobile conversions for you.

Pay Attention to Those Important Mobile Details

Far too many businesses aren’t tracking mobile analytics properly or closely enough. Take a look at the Audience Section of Google Analytics to see which types of devices are being used to access your website. Then dig deeper into the mobile section of your audience to find out which pages have the highest bounce rates, and where your visitors are going after they make it to your site. This will give you an idea of pages that have to be fixed, and will let you know how your mobile experience is overall.

Consider Investing in Apps

While having a mobile-accessible website is a good first start for your business, if you really want to get ahead of your competitors it makes sense to have a mobile app developed. Getting an app that’s simple to use and readily available for customers will make them want to use your services more often. Phone companies like Apple are beginning to pull information straight from apps during searches now as well, which means if your app is on a customer’s phone, you’re information will be available before other companies out on the Internet. That’s just another way that mobile preparedness is going to help make your business successful in the future.

Take a look at all the requirements above and really examine how your business is operating currently. Make sure that mobile users are having a good experience when visiting your site, and if they aren’t figure out how to change that as soon as possible. People are beginning to rely on phones and tablets more and more for their important searches, and savvy business owners are doing everything they can to get in on that action.

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