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9 Facts to Improve your Mobile Search Performance

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Site Traffic | Posted on 18-09-2015


Most businesses understand that optimizing their site for mobile is a good tactic to draw in new customers and to increase their overall sales, but at the same time, very few businesses realize how big of an impact the change could make for them. Read through these 9 facts about mobile search to not only improve your awareness of the technology, but to also help you figure out how to make improvements to your business website.

Mobile Search is a Vital Part of the Consumer Decision Making Process

Recent research done by Microsoft Research and IPSOS shows that most consumers rely on their smartphones or mobile devices to conduct research leading them up to finally making a product purchase even though mobile devices are used to make the purchase much less often than desktop computers or visiting a store in person. That means that people are looking at websites and researching with their mobile devices even if the data doesn’t show they’re using those devices for all their key purchases.

Location Searches are Vitally Important

According to the 2014 digital Consumer Report by Nielsen, around 76 percent of shoppers rely on store locator tools to find local stores to buy in. When conducting these searches the consumers are almost always ready to make the purchase already. That means the stores that pop up highest in local search results are netting a lot of additional purchases.

Seven Out of 10 Purchases Occur Five Hours or Less after a Mobile Search

Research suggest that most people doing a mobile search for a product are ready to make the purchase already, but additional research from Nielsen and Telemetrics shows that a consumer is going to make their purchase within five hours of doing a mobile search for the product seven out of ten times. That shows just how important mobile searches are in backend sales, and would explain why so many businesses are trying to step up their mobile game.

Mobile Search Helps Spur Phone and Local Conversions

Consumers are increasingly relying on click-to-call mobile results to connect with local businesses and then going on to make purchases from those same businesses. Any mobile advertiser would do well to track calls coming in from mobile advertising to figure out how it’s actually impacting the business.

According to an IPSOS study a great deal of mobile consumers are also relying on smart phones while in stores already to help guide their purchases. This is a phenomenon that stores were worried about initially, but studies show that people relying on smartphones to guide their purchases spend about 25 percent more money while in the store than those who aren’t using their phones, and about 93 percent of people doing smartphone searches in a store make purchases.

First Position is Extremely Important

Everyone knows that being on top of search results provides more benefits than being at the bottom of the page. What many businesses don’t realize is how much more important it is to be on top of smartphone results than it is for desktop advertisers. Smartphones have much smaller screens, and often only two results are shown at a time. That’s why around 70 percent of customers go with the top result, about 24 percent go with the second result and just 4 percent of users will give the third result a chance. While achieving third place might have seemed like a pretty good thing before, it actually won’t do too much for you compared to the other two spots.

Local Search is more Frequent on Mobile up to the 55+ Age Range

Now that you know how important local search results are, it’s important to realize how often they occur on mobile devices versus computers. Research results from Bing Ads show that more people search for local results using smartphones than computers in every age up until the 55+ category. That’s the majority of technology users that have to be considered.

Mobile Users Want Local Results

The vast majority of mobile searchers are looking for local results that are easy to get to according to the 2014 Digital Consumer Report by Nielson. Most searchers are expecting their results to be within five miles of their current location. Businesses that fall outside the range will likely be passed up for more convenient options.

Your Vertical Matters When Considering Mobile Search Conversions

It makes a lot of sense to assume that the vertical your business in affects how well mobile searches convert overall, and according to Microsoft data that’s exactly true. For instance in industries like Restaurants, and Foods a large number of users are actively switching between desktop computers and mobile devices to complete their conversions. When it comes to Tech purchases most users start on desktop and move to mobile to complete a purchase. Different sectors are researched and handled differently by customers, and that’s something that businesses need to realize.

Ads Optimized for Mobile Achieve a 97 Percent Higher Click-Through Rate

It’s surprising that only 11 percent of mobile Bing Ads are optimized for mobile, when mobile-optimized ads achieve a 97 percent higher click-through rate than ads that aren’t optimized. Taking the time to optimize your ads could get you almost twice as many customers as you’re currently getting, that’s a pretty impressive return on investment for just about anyone.

By taking the time to read through these facts about mobile search you can find out how important it is to optimize your business to do well in mobile search and to show up on local results. Now that you know about all the benefits, start working to optimize your site and start getting those results!

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