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Five Ways Small Business Owners can Ensure their Site is SEO Friendly

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Site Traffic | Posted on 20-01-2016


Whether you’re planning on revamping your current business website, or your business is going online for the first time ever, there are some things that you have to know to get attention from search engines like Google. These five considerations should be kept in mind as you build your website or have it built.

The Most Important Aspects of Your Website Should be in Text

While videos and images are great for engaging with a user, they can’t be read by search engines. That’s why you need to make sure all of the most important information on your website is presented through text of some sort.

Every single page of your website should contain a decent amount of text. Even if you just have an image and a short video for a product that you’re selling, take the time to transcribe the information from the video into text so the search engines know what your page is about.

Also make sure that you include your company phone number and any other important contact information in text and don’t just show it as an image.

The more careful you are about having text to represent all the important information on your website, the more likely you are to get noticed by the search engines.

Optimize Your Website Images with Text

This goes back to what I just said up above, but it’s worth repeating in a slightly different way. All the images on your website should be optimized with text as well to help your site as much as possible.

Images look nice on webpages but search engines don’t know what they are about unless you tell them. Make sure that you add a image title and that it tells about what the image is and that you have an alt tag talking about the image itself and including valid keywords. Adding text to your images will help give search engines some context.

You can also improve your website by renaming images to include keywords and important phrases that have to do with the image content rather than just giving the image a random file name.

Build a Responsive Website

People browse the web using a variety of different devices today. These devices have varied screen sizes and what will look good on a smartphone probably isn’t going to look quite as good on a desktop computer. That’s why having a responsive or dynamic website design is so helpful.

Instead of worrying about creating a different version of your website for each device type that accesses the site, you simply create a website that adjusts on the fly to look nice for everyone. There are plenty of responsive website themes and tools that allow you to create a dynamic site that will look good for everyone. WordPress is a good tool that makes this easier by offering quality themes that look good when viewed by a range of different devices.

Organize Your Site Carefully and Rely on Text Link Navigation

Take some time to think about all the informant that will be displayed on your website and think about how you want all that information organized. For example, if you own a tool store maybe you want to list all your power tools under a power tools section, your hand tools under a hand tools section and all of your services under another part of your website. By coming up with a clear organization plan for your website you can set up all of your links and make sure that it’s simple to navigate around your website and see all the information that’s available

Every one of your website’s pages should have a link pointing to it from another part of your website. When people visit your website they need to feel like it’s easy to move around it and find the information they are interested in. If this is not the case then you need to go back over your website and improve your navigation until it’s simpler.

Use 301 Redirects with a New Website

It’s very important that you use 301 redirects if you decide to move to a new website and you want to retain the search rankings and visitors that you already have. When you move to the new website, add a 301 redirect on each page of your old website pointing to the corresponding page on the new site. This ensures that you continue to rank well in search engines for the old pages that were ranking well, and that you will keep getting visitors.

If you try to implement all of these guidelines on your website you should have quite a bit of success in the search engines. Being ranked highly isn’t a simple task and it’s one that takes plenty of work, but even putting lots of work into your website won’t get you the level of search engine traffic that you want if you don’t follow these guidelines and build your website carefully along the way.

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