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Why Google My Business Practitioner Listings are Important

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Site Traffic | Posted on 19-08-2016


Google My Business is an excellent place to list your company and to gain some recognition locally, but you have to be aware of individual practitioners at your business. If some of your staff have themselves listed as members of your company they could cause potential problems in the future. While searching for duplicate listings of your business under Google My Business make sure you look out for individual practitioner listings as well.

Beware of Practitioners that Leave Your Company

Even if your business has been running successfully for more than a decade you may not have maintained the same pool of staff members over that period of time. Instead some of your workers may have left to another company or even changed careers over the years. That doesn’t seem like such an issue until you consider that they may have set up a Google My Business listing under their name that is related to your business. That means that when people search for your business name they may be seeing the listing for an old practitioner that doesn’t work with you any longer. The listing could make visitors believe the office is closed, or even bring your potential customers to a listing with a competitor if that practitioner changed to another office location.

Look out for Duplicate Listings

Search the name of your company and look out for all the different listings that are related to your business. It’s common to see more than one of these listings showing up in Google. This might not seem like a problem until you consider that some of the listings may be less positive or professional than the others. For instance, you could have an unverified listing for your business that only shows a couple reviews, while the main company listing shows 120 reviews. Obviously customers will be more impressed by a larger number of reviews, but they could be visiting the unverified page unknowingly and get the wrong idea.

It’s important to look out for any duplicate listings so that you can let Google know about them and have them all combined into one unified listing. Doing this is the perfect way to bulk up the number of reviews that you have, and to really improve your listing overall while making sure it’s the one that everyone sees.

Keep an Eye on the Presence of all Your Practitioners

Every single practitioner is going to have a unique presence and reviews of their own. This is an excellent way for customers to figure out who it is that they want to work with from within the company, and a cool way for individual employees to stand out. Unfortunately very poor employee listings can do harm to your company’s image overall. If visitors see an employee that’s rated poorly they’ll view the company in a poor light as well, which obviously isn’t good for business. That’s why it’s so important to keep a watchful eye on all the connected practitioner listings for any doctors, lawyers, real estate agents or anyone else that works within your office.

Review Consolidation Could Change Your Rank

In Google’s eyes the more reviews you have the better, as long as a bunch of the additional reviews aren’t negative ones. That means if you are interested in improving your results in the search engine, and who isn’t, then you should strongly consider having any duplicate listings consolidated into one, especially if those duplicates have reviews on them as well. Combining all the reviews together into one location gives you a larger pool of happy customers to show off, and will likely lead to a bump in your listing placement, unless you’re already at the top already.

While individual practitioners may not affect your rank at all, they’re still important to keep in mind with Google My Business. They can change the way that visitors see your company and even lead potential customers to your competitors if you aren’t happy! That’s why you should take a moment to look through all your listings today, and get any issues sorted out by contacting Google directly and requesting any necessary changes.

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