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Mobile Devices are Central to Most Local Searches: Optimize for Both

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Site Traffic | Posted on 17-03-2017


Most businesses recognize that mobile traffic is important today. After all, there are more mobile searches each year than desktop searches now. What they may not be realizing, is that the majority of local searches are being performed with mobile devices. That means, if you’re trying to interact with the local community, you need to optimize for mobile as much as possible.

If you aren’t showing up in mobile search, you’re missing out on most of the mobile traffic opportunities, and that’s hurting your business. Here’s what you can do to change that, and make sure your company shows up for local searches on mobile devices.

Focus on Short and Simple Keywords

Long tail keywords are easier to rank for, and they’re what most small businesses are optimizing for today. The problem with that is most mobile users aren’t typing in long-tail keywords. They are sticking with short and simple phrases. That means, you need to focus on short and simple as well, even if that means more competition. Create landing pages optimized for the short keywords that mobile users are searching for, which brings me to my next point.

Optimize for Mobile Keywords Specifically

There’s a difference between mobile and desktop keywords, and it’s up to you to find out what phrases mobile users are searching for. Ask people what they would enter into their phones to find your business and make a list of those responses. You can get more detailed mobile information if you regularly run Adwords campaigns as well. Look at the Search Terms report, and filter it for mobile users to see what terms led them to your ads on mobile. These terms won’t serve as a full keyword list, but will give you an idea of which terms you should be aiming for and which you should be avoiding. Chances are good that you’ll notice a pattern developing with your visitors that you can take advantage of or model your other keywords after.

Optimize Your Content for Mobile

When trying to rank for desktop searches, long content gets priority. That’s not the case as much with mobile rankings, and even if it is, long content isn’t the way to go. Mobile users won’t read long pages and will navigate away. You need short, clear, attention grabbing pages instead. Focus on optimized content that has the necessary keywords, but that is short and to the point with all the key information.

Theme Paid Ads around a Local Area

Paid advertising is often the best way to take a business to the next level, but you’ll fail if you don’t seem local in the ad. Make sure to list a number with the local area code, provide information that makes it clear you are from the area, and drive home that you are nearby and ready to help. Showing you are a national company is the easiest way to scare off customers that want immediate help.

Add in Local Mobile Extensions

In your mobile ads, add extensions like click-to-call and links to your contact-us, or services pages. By adding these simple extensions, mobile users can reach out to your company faster. This will improve your conversion rate dramatically, and make your paid ads more profitable.

Test Promoted Pins

Another way you can stand out in the local market is with promoted pins on Google Maps. For a small fee you can have your logo added to a Google Maps page. This draws users in and should increase the interest you get on the map page.

Local search happens on mobile devices more than anywhere else, and mobile searches are almost always what results in a purchase. By following these steps, you can improve your success with local search, by getting all those mobile users on board.

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