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5 Tricks to Boost Your Website Lead Generation Efforts

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Sales Conversion, Site Traffic | Posted on 19-05-2017


It’s amazing how much power the internet gives to consumers to find products for themselves and to learn all that they want to know about a particular product. It used to be the job of a marketer to explain a new product and make sure people wanted to buy it. Now it’s more about getting noticed enough that people can realize what you have to offer themselves. Getting noticed today all comes down to successful lead generation, which is an important skill that we’re going to touch on down below.

Here are five tips that will help a marketer more successfully generate leads for a website. Some are obvious while others will get you thinking about missed opportunities that you could be capitalizing on. Read through them all and put them into practice right away to hopefully start boosting your site and being more successful as a modern-day business owner.

Position Your Call to Actions with Care

Most people understand that the call to action on a website is pretty important. That’s because it’s the trigger that gets people to make a specific decision, and it ultimately results in the profit for you or the other benefit that you are going for. With that said, few people take the time to really maximize their call to action. They don’t think about making adjustments to what it says or where it’s positioned, and that’s a huge mistake. The best way that you can improve your success quickly is to place the call to action in a location that’s going to be seen by visitors naturally.

According to careful studies people read websites in an F-shaped pattern by starting in the top left corner of the page and then scanning along the edge until reading more in the middle of the page and then scanning down the rest. Take care to position the CTAs at the top of the page in the left and then again at the middle of the page to make the most of them. This should improve your results over time and make your site more successful.

Celebrate New Features with a Launch Post and Follow up Blogs

One of the worst things that you can do as the owner of a website is to undersell one of the new services or features that you have to offer. So whether you are launching a product, adding a new feature to the site, or just changing the way that you do things, take the time to put together a flashy launch post celebrating what you are doing and explaining why it’s a positive change for your visitors. After you get the launch post in place, take some time to create additional blog posts about the change as well and link them all back to the launch post. New features are an opportunity to bring in more business and grow your site, so leverage it as much as possible with these posts.

Direct Visitors with Strong Anchor Text

You might assume that graphical links are what most visitors gravitate towards, but generally that’s not the case. It’s very common for visitors to click on anchor text, or text links in your blog post or web content instead of a banner or graphical link that you’re currently using. That’s because browsers have become ad-blind, and they actually overlook graphics most of the time. To keep your CTA from being overlooked, it’s vital that you put it into a well-formatted anchor text as well. Put the anchor up near the top of your page, make it large enough that it stands out from the other text and make sure that it includes your most effective message. Doing all this will help boost your conversion rates over time.

Use Pop ups Responsibly

Pop up messages are a good way to engage with website visitors, but only when used properly. The last thing you want to do is annoy your visitor, because he or she will leave immediately. A pop up positioned the right way will feel beneficial to the visitor, rather than like an interruption. Make sure that the pop up or slider is very relevant to the current page on your site, and that it only activates when it’s clear the visitor is interested in the page to begin with. If you take these steps you should be able to create a more pleasant user experience for new visitors to your website.

Leverage Social Media to Bring in More Leads


Social media is a powerful tool for increasing your brand awareness, but it’s also a pretty easy way to bring in new leads to your business site. Rely on regular customer interaction on social sites to help brand your site and to draw attention to changes that are happening. Celebrate new posts or resources that the site has to offer with your social posts. Also try doing fun activities like contests to encourage people to take a look at your site and to become more familiar with what you have to offer. When used properly, social media can have a major impact on the success of your website.

Lead generation is one of the most valuable skills that a website owner and a modern-business owner can understand. Hopefully the five tips above can help you effectively bring more leads to your website and be more successful overall.

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