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What is Gutenberg, the new WordPress Editor?

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Web Product | Posted on 18-05-2018


Dear Friends and Customers,

We would like to fill you in on one of the latest developments in the industry.  WordPress has released a new editing environment called Gutenberg.  The influence it will have is huge. Let’s consider some of the features Gutenberg offers and the effect they will have on the work we do.

Is Gutenberg Just a New Editor?

The revamped Gutenberg editor is the first step of three. This is a redeveloped editor that is more intuitive and easier use.  With step two, they will roll out fresh templates.  Third, they plan to roll out a full site customizer.  The update is to be released sometime this year.

What Will Gutenberg Look Like?

Gutenberg is a simple and fresh writing environment focused on providing not just tools but an inspiring creative space for your content to glow, clicking on the settings icon.  This will give you access to the tools and the three dots to the right of that let you get to the html editor to alter the code. Gutenberg is introducing the technology needed for future growth.

What is The Block Method?

Gutenberg was an early printing press designer.  At that time each sheet of paper was pressed by a large customizable block.  This simple and effective design resulted in getting a lot of work done in a timely manner. The new WordPress editor uses blocks as well. Much like playing with a LEGO set, you can design and build pages using chunks or blocks of code.  This makes creating much more natural and intuitive.

By organizing the editor in this manner, each block can be defined individually. For example, a block can become a quote, placed uniquely on the page, decorated in a customized fashion, and each refinement opens more options. There are blocks for things such as: paragraphs, lists, quotes, headings, code, images, galleries, short codes, columns, buttons, widgets, and a ton of embeds.

Are the Blocks Repeatable?

Yes. This is one of the advantages of the new Gutenberg editor. Say you created layout for one of your pages or articles and you want to reuse it in the future.  You can save this as a block and call it up the next time you go to create something. I know! There are even more complex applications of this tool and we look forward to utilizing it to full potential.

As developers build these blocks of code, they can be shared with the community.  This creates an environment where expressing your creativity becomes increasingly easier to do. Imagine blocks that let you post an intricately laid out blog, with drag and drop images. The sky is the limit thanks to the new block style design.

Is Yoast SEO Part of The Gutenberg Platform?

This new platform has been built from the ground up to accommodate the Yoast SEO tool.  Worked into strategic elements of the fonts and lay out, SEO becomes organic.  It happens as you create.

What Did We Learn?

We are all preparing ourselves to make effective use of this new development on the WordPress scene. The Gutenberg editor is part of a three step, progressive release that will transform the way we create web pages.  The interface will be clean and very customizable. The design utilizes blocks, or chunks of code that can be refined and defined by the user.  We look forward to this growth and embrace the future optimistically.

We want you to be aware of the latest developments in our industry so you can be confident you are getting the best service possible. Thanks for your business!

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