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Visual and Voice Search are taking the Role of SEO and Its Impact

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Site Traffic | Posted on 29-05-2019


Considering that everything related to search engines is dynamic, the current world is now slowly shifting towards the use of voice and visual search. This might sound strange, but yes, it has taken top notch technological innovations. The adoption of voice and visual search related engines has further revolutionized the engagement between the audiences and other users to be more meaningful. Every stage of online search has become a success as well as totally efficient.

What Facts Show Voice and Visual Search Efficiency?

From a survey done by Slyce.it, it is clear that approximately 74% of the shoppers who have once used both text-based search and visual and voice-related searches have expressed the fact that; text-based searches are not as efficient when it comes to searching for a product online. From this fact, it is vivid that voice and visual search has revolutionized the way customers search for products online.

With visual and voice search, the visual search algorithm has made it possible for a customer view products online and based on that view, other extensive range of related products will be availed. On the other hand, voice search has made it possible for customers to use their voice commands in prompting search algorithms to direct them to products they need. Voice and visual search are said to be efficient basically because of the idea that they are able to detect psychological and physical needs of shoppers online.

On the other hand, Slyce.it further exposes the fact that visual information transmitted to the brain can be processed 60,000 times faster as compared to information kept in terms of text. What do we accrue from such a finding? First, we can see that visual information search can be processed faster hence the need to move from text-based information to visual based information as far as the need to search for products online is a concern.

Considering that 67% of consumers affirm that the quality of product images presented online is the basis of choosing and buying the right product; one could conclude that visual searches are more efficient only when the images presented are visually clear and easy to purchase. Thanks to the development of visual and voice search technology.

What is the Essence of Visual Search?

Most of the users online may not be in a good position to tell the secret behind visual search and the search engines related to them. However, we will explore how visual search has revolutionize on how customers or online visitors can use an image to find a related image online. Unlike the ancient method of inputting a URL associated to an image so as to generate result, the current generation has taken into consideration the use of a camera to discover a product. The ability to discover a product is what has led to the use of the image taken by the camera as the search query. With this move, online visitors or customer are no longer struggling to define and image so as to accrue the right results.

How to Enhance an Optimal Visual Search Results

In order to ensure that you land on the right product that matches your needs and intentions, the first thing that you need to do is to avail a variety of images to the web. This should be related to each product and topic page if need be. Secondly, you need to optimize the images for a specific web so that swift load can be as efficient as possible. Raster images plus a massage crucial for enhancing CTA (call to action) should be availed as well. Here, the photo you have uploaded need to be clear and more appealing.

Search images should however be hosted only on those pages that are authoritative and have the ability to response to specific intentions presented by the users. In order to uphold the level of efficiency as possible, site hierarchy should enhanced by a range of connected internal links. Furthermore, the image stock should be made in such a way that they are identical to the other images in your image list. Keeping an eye on image search traffic will be crucial so that as to cater the demand associated with image search.

How to Ensure and Optimal Voice Search

Voices search has had a great impact as compared to visual related searches. In that case, in order to develop an optimal voice search, here are some tips that would make your voice search more efficient than before.

Firstly, there should be concise headlines that are closely associated with speech structured data. This makes it possible for users to search elements online based on that specific information.

Secondly, there is a need to break text in search a way that they can be spoken. That means we need to convert text to speech or something that can be spoken.

Thirdly, for optimal search results the speakable data structure should be about two or three sentences; each taking 20 to 30 second when spoken.

Visual and Voice search has taken the SEO role on another level, so it might be a good time to consider optimizing your website with these new features to improve your SEO efforts and get your site to rank higher.