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Introducing IFrames for Facebook Social Networking

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Avasoft Service | Posted on 19-04-2011

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Facebook has become one of the best social networking resources for many businesses and professionals. Companies can reach out to hundreds or even thousands of users, sharing information, updates and apps. As of March 11th, 2011 the way apps and pages work on Facebook has been changed, or rather given an update.  Those using the static FBML app will be phased out in favor of IFrames.

Transitioning to IFrames

Users who have FBML or static FBML app components will not be left in the dark. Facebook will continue to support the static FBML app for approximately one year.  This gives those who need to make updates or changes twelve months to develop them. Facebook was quoted as stating that apps and Pages using FBML should “transition to IFrames as soon as possible.”  As of March 11th, no new apps or Pages can be created using FBML.

The Long Term Effect of IFrames

IFrames offer users a great deal of flexibility in creating apps. The downside is that this shift eliminates the simplicity offered by FBML.  FBML was originally developed to allow the average business owner to handle their own app development. The switch to IFrames will eliminate the average person’s ability to do this. Anyone using an application that was not professionally developed may find themselves in a bind. In the long term, IFrames will require the attention of a company or developer to create functional apps.

Alternative Solutions for IFrames

Luckily some companies are hard at work developing a solution for Facebook’s IFrames, including Avasoft. These will hopefully close the gap left behind by the simplicity and user friendly functionality that was offered by FBML. Developers, such as those working as Fan Page Engine, are still building these alternative options, although nothing has been officially released yet.

In the meantime, those who have pages or apps using FBML should still be able to access and update the contents of their tab after the March 11 update. The user may find that they cannot create a new tab, even though they can alter existing tabs.

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