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3 Remarketing Lists to Boost PPC Ad Performance

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in PPC | Posted on 19-12-2016


Really active websites connect with hundreds or thousands of customers throughout the year, and most of the time these people are treated as one-off visitors that helped generate a profit for you but won’t do so again. This is the wrong approach. Business owners should instead focus on marketing to these visitors as much as possible, but when relying on paid advertising it’s important to only market to the most valuable of all your visitors. This approach is known as creating remarketing lists using Google Analytics, and these precise lists are applied right to your Google Adwords marketing to improve your overall return on investment. Here are three different remarketing list techniques that you can use to improve your success.

Bid Higher on More Valuable Repeat Visitors

With most websites, certain kinds of repeat visitors are the most valuable of all and worth extra attention. In order to figure out what type of visitor is the most profitable for you, you’ll have to dig deep into your Google analytics and figure out which customers are making you the most money so that you can focus on them.

After researching your website visitors you should have an idea of which visitors are the most valuable of all. For a pest control website, the visitors that come back to your site for the second time might be the ones that end up spending the most money on your services. These are the visitors that you want to encourage to come back to your site the most. To do this, you simply increase the bid amount on second-time visitors coming to your website. You can do this by making an audience list in Analytics and then applying this list to your existing AdWords ad groups to make sure you are paying a premium for the right kinds of visitors.

Leverage Slight Converting Visitors

Many visitors to your website have probably completed some sort of conversion without giving you any money in the process. For instance, some visitors may have signed up to your newsletter. Others might have downloaded a special offer that you are giving out for free. Even more may have opted into a special class that you are giving out for free. Whatever the conversion was, completing it shows that the visitors are more active and worth more money overall. You can make the most of these visitors by targeting them specifically.

To do this you simply head to the admin section of Google Analytics, and you filter through users by macro goal completions. Set it to zero and set micro goal completions to one or greater. With that set in place you’ll have a list of users that completed one of these minor conversions, and you can target them in an Adwords ad group to hopefully pull in some added purchases. Increase your bid amount for these specific users and you’ll likely notice an influx of purchases that you didn’t have before.

Capture Valuable Seasonal Shoppers

Every year there is a surge of new buyers at online retail websites during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. That’s because deal prices are at an all-time low, and many people simply can’t resist them. By offering exceptional deals to your customers, you open up your store to a chance to make some significant sales all throughout the rest of the year, as long as you take advantage of the information that is right in front of you.

To do this, you simply have to profile the customers that you had on the past Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Use Google Analytics to analyze your shoppers with another audience group. This time you’ll create an audience based on the amount of revenue they generated for your company. Only grab the highest profit customers in this audience.

With your large grouping of high spending shoppers, you can move over to AdWords and modify your ad group with a bid only option to make sure that you attract the high spending buyers to your site once again when they are ready to make additional purchases throughout the year. You’ll be able to capitalize on those customers once again.

It makes a lot of sense to go through the trouble of creating targeted remarketing lists through Google Analytics. As long as you have your account set up properly and you are carefully tracking your visitors, you should have no trouble building potent remarketing lists that will increase your conversions and help you improve the value of your website.

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