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5 Effective Ways to Protect your Website from Google SEO Penalties

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Site Traffic | Posted on 17-05-2013

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SEO in real time is a worthy tool for facilitating marketing and absolute visibility when it comes to websites. As people struggle to make sure that their sites rank among the best in the web, growing concern are that the Google platform is also on the verge of creating mechanisms where sites will be judged and categorized according to their suitability. This will surely lead to the removal of the unworthy sites and penalization of the same. However, this can be avoided when people get to discover the ways through which they can manage their sites so that they do not get on the wrong side of the Google SEO checker.

1. Auditing of links

Links matter that much when it comes to quality management. Managing the links and ensuring that the links are from the best quality sites that provide the right kind of information is the ultimate way to ensure that Google SEO does well in keeping you and your site in business. It is important to ensure that staying in the line of the current affairs is the utmost objective of the site. This is because Google SEO sieves sites according to their relevance and their impact to the general consumer. This thus presents itself as the key behind making sure that updated and worthy links that have exact information that suits the consumer are the order of the day.

2. Evaluating the keyword anchor density

The notion of creating content that has a high keyword anchor density to simply gain on revenue is a source of Google SEO penalty. This is normally regarded as a manipulation that aims at increasing the visibility of a site on an unfair merit and this is why people should avoid this at all costs. Anchor density is comfortable when it is based around the region of 15 percent. This makes sure that the site will avoid the SEO penalties that can be potentially felt when the rate goes higher than the required. The use of semantic keywords goes the extra mile of making sure that SEO specifications are achieved without necessarily stuffing the keyword and thereby increasing the keyword density.

3. Keeping tabs with the link ratios

The types of links, location and the theme that is in the same domains are what make up the link ratios. The link ratios often need to be balanced in a way that no imbalance will be detected. Many people fall prey to this regulation in that they use links from the link directories and fail to concentrate more on their own earned and developed links.

Here are some of the ratios that you can look for when monitoring your site’s health:

  • Link Type: Image vs Text vs Mentions
  • Link Location: Paragraph vs Link List vs In Content vs Sidebar vs Header
  • Domain Theme: Business vs Computers vs Reference vs Portals vs News
  • Site Type: General vs Blog vs CMS vs Link Directory vs Social Network
  • Sitewide Ratio
  • Deep Links Ratio

4. Monitoring the webmaster tools account

Google webmaster accounts are quite important when it comes to identifying broken links and errors. Lack of monitoring the errors is a factor that leads to Google penalties in that a site may have several broken links and errors that make the site ineffective in providing the required service.

By monitoring your webmaster tools regularly and watching the links that Google displays can help you find problematic links that Google is acknowledging are crawled in part of how your site is ranked.  Keeping tabs on these links will help you to quickly identify low quality or negative links.

5. Ensure you have a Google analytics alert

Google analytics alerts come in handy since they notify you when there is an error or when a change has been effected in the site. This provides one with the chance to rectify the problems and also make the necessary adjustments that will make the site remain relevant and in the best position to supply the required service.

These 5 steps are sure ways of ensuring that a site does not fall victim to the Google SEO penalty measures. They are calculated full proof mechanisms of ensuring that traffic to the site is maintained at an all time high.

Avasoft Solutions can help you protect your website from Google Penalties. We will help manage your site, make sure your site is following Google’s guidelines and maintain your site rank. We offer search engine optimization, social media optimization, and pay per click advertising. Call Avasoft Solutions today!

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