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What You Need to Know about Google’s Disavow Tool

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Site Traffic | Posted on 17-01-2014


Your link profiles are an important component of a good website. If you need to remove a link from the history of your site or if you want to perform a link audit, you can use Google’s Disavow Tool to do so. The Disavow Tool allows you to report links that you want search engines to ignore. Keep reading to learn about how you can use Google’s Disavow Tool to your advantage.

What Is Google Disavow Tool?

Google’s Disavow Tool helps you to clean up bad links from your link profile. You can send a list of links to Google for their review; they won’t remove them, but they will be ignored as they relate to your search rankings. Proceed with caution, though. According to officials at Google, you are expected to use the Google Disavow Tool as a last resort. Before using Disavow, you are expected to make contact with the webmasters at issue multiple times in an attempt to resolve the issue before you use the Disavow Tool. You can do this by emailing the webmaster and asking to have the link removed. You may need to do this repeatedly before successfully having the link removed. If at least three attempts fail, you can proceed to using the Google Disavow Tool.

Myths about the Google Disavow Tool

  1. A common myth that has been spreading since Google’s Disavow Tool was introduced is that using the tool will hurt your website rather than helping it. Google cautions users against using the tool inappropriately, and warns that if Disavow is used incorrectly, it can harm your website’s search rankings. The important thing to note here is that Disavow will only harm your website if you do not use it properly. You can avoid using Disavow incorrectly by simply following the procedures that have been specifically outlined by Google. Have a professional site audit performed, and closely review the results. Develop a strategy that outlines what links you wish to keep and which links you need to follow up on.
  2. Another myth about using Google’s Disavow Tool is that doing so will result in search engines labeling you as a spammer, and your web profile will be damaged. First, attempt to resolve the issue with the webmasters on your own. Properly using disavow will not have you labeled a spammer. If you have received spam warnings because you have bad links, using Disavow will help your situation, not hurt it. Disavowed links are treated as suggestions by Google until they reach a particular threshold; links that you disavow will not automatically be deleted.
  3. Many folks believe that if they are under a manual penalty, Google Disavow is all they need. This is not true. You still must first try to have the links removed and clean up your link profile. Document your attempts to have the links removed. If you have received a manual penalty, you will need to submit a request for reconsideration to Google. When you submit that request, you should include documentation of your attempts to clean up your link profile.
  4. Finally, a prevalent myth about Google’s disavow tool is that crowd-sourced spam reporting is bad for search engines. You need to take the proper steps to make sure that you don’t become a victim of trackback spam. Perform site audits and security audits routinely.

When used properly, Google’s Disavow Tool is an excellent tool that can help you to clean up your link profile and recover from any fallout as a result of Penguin 2.0. The key is to Disavow judiciously.

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