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Build a Good Link Profile for SEO

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Site Traffic | Posted on 18-07-2014


Last year brought a lot of changes for SEO. Penguin 2.0 rolled out, Hummingbird was introduced, and we got the announcement that social signals don’t play into search algorithms. Despite all those changes, one thing has remained constant. A good link profile is still really important.

The majority of a site’s search ranking can be attributed to its link profile. Google penalizes sites based primarily on their link profiles. Therefore, the link profile has a significant impact on a site’s positive ranking.

Defining a Good Link Profile

A good link profile is not just backlinks. Backlinks are important for SEO, but you also need to look at the bigger picture of your SEO. Backlinks are only one part of the story. A good link profile should provide plenty of high value, high DA, and high authority backlinks. More specifically, it should include the following:

  1. Branded anchor text: The link profile is the most important part of the website ranking, and the quality of the backlinks are the most important part of the link profile. So how do you get high quality backlinks? You have to use anchor text, and that anchor text must be diverse. Google wants to see branded anchor texts. This simply means that the anchor text contains the brand name of your company. You can also combine branding with keywords. Your link profile can contain as much as 20% total anchor texts without negatively impacting your link profile.
  2. Semantically relevant anchor text: In addition to being branded, anchor text should also be semantically relevant. As you probably know, Google recognizes semantically related keywords. Using semantically similar keywords helps to enrich and diversify your link profile. For example, you might include both “wearable heart rate monitor” and “smart fitness tracking device.”
  3. Diluted anchor text: Diluted anchor text refers to a branded anchor that is combined with other words or phrases. Some of the words may be related, while others may not. An inbound link profile should be diverse, random, and diluted.
  4. Relevancy of linking site: One feature of algorithms is local or topic-specific popularity. The backlinks that you use on your site should come from sites that have a similar topic, which makes them relevant. Use links from sites that are in your niche.
  5. Relevancy of surrounding context: A good link profile should also use links that have relevant context around the anchor. The article that you link to should be related to your business, of course, but it is even more helpful if the surrounding information on the page is also related to your business.
  6. Vicariously compromised linking site: This means that you get to a site by using a link from a site that is not spam. However, this site links to a spam site. The association with spam lowers the value of the link, and that bad association ultimately impacts your site.
  7. Freshness of links: A link’s value declines over time. An old link doesn’t necessarily hurt the site, but it doesn’t add value, either. This is known as Google’s Freshness Factor.
  8. Authority of linking site: You get a lot of value on your site when you receive a link from a high authority site. This is more effective if the link is followed with a link rather than the tag “nofollow.” Google doesn’t transfer anchor text across a nofollow tag.
  9. Depth of link page: A link is more valuable in a link profile if it is deeper in a website’s structure. If everything links to your homepage, it isn’t going very deep into the structure of your page.

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