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Google Penguin Update: Just Seeing the Tip of The Iceberg

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Site Traffic, Website Technical Issues | Posted on 18-12-2012

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Most people have heard about Google’s Penguin update, which caused quite a stir in the SEO community. But while we’ve been running around and trying to fix our websites for the update, it’s important to understand what that update was really all about. It’s one thing to know what changes it caused in the search results, but it’s another thing to know why Google went to all that trouble. When you finally understand the why of it all, you’ll be able to create content that Google loves to rank high.

What Was Penguin?

The Penguin update was all about fixing the algorithm so that SEO spammers were no longer rewarded for their actions. In the past, some grey or even black hat SEO tactics were easily gotten away with if you took steps to hide them well enough. You could still rank high even if people who logged onto your site could tell that you were not following ethical SEO practices.

However, after the Penguin update, spammers were no longer being rewarded. But unfortunately many people who were following Google’s terms of service were also being caught in the Penguin’s net. Many website owners were being penalized simply because they did not understand how the new algorithm works.

Beating Back False SEO Companies

The other problem Google was trying to deal with in the Penguin update is the issue of false SEO companies. They take money from website owners but do very little, if anything, to help their placement in the rankings. And there’s nothing website owners can do to protect themselves from these con men unless they investigate the company before doing business with it.

Of course some might say that the answer is for the SEO industry to offer certifications or verificationsfor SEO companies. The problem with both of these answers is the fact that it’s nearly impossible to certify companies in an industry that changes multiple times per month. Verifications would be difficult to do as well because all reputable SEO companies have their own formula for success. So how would you verify that one company is better than another? It can’t be done.

Educating About What SEO Really Is

The real issue is that clients don’t know what it means to do SEO. There is this big mystery about what SEO is. Just writing content and throwing up keywords in a few places is no longer good enough. Webmasters must be SEO savvy in order to be able to get their sites ranked high.  The more you understand about what SEO is, the easier it is to find a company you can trust with this important part of keeping your website ranked.

It’s also important to realize that the SEO industry changes constantly. No business owner can really handle his own company’s SEO on his own because he’s too busy concentrating on making his business great. Leave it up to the professionals to promote your business. Your business is excellent, and you shouldn’t waste your time trying to tell people how excellent it is.  You focus on being excellent, and your SEO company will handle telling people about it through the search engines.

They’ll cover everything from content writing to coding, back linking, and all of the other complex problems that come up. It’s their job to stay on top of what the SEO industry is doing. If they are a real SEO company, then you’ll be able to see that easily because they’ll be constantly making changes to your website.

Avasoft Solutions is a trusted provider of SEO services. We’ve got case studies to back up our success stories, so contact us today to find out what SEO services should really be about.

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