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A Guide to Local Business SEO in 2016

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Site Traffic | Posted on 19-04-2016


Well it’s 2016 and there’s a lot of opportunity to build up a solid web presence as a local business with the right approach. It’s important to learn the steps that you should be taking to increase your search engine rankings, and to avoid wasting time on other activities that might not be improving your business as much as you think.

Get a Google My Business Listing

One of the easiest ways to gain more traction as a local business provider is by claiming a Google My Business Listing. Doing this will immediately help your company start showing in more search results, while giving your business a unified brand for each of your locations. When creating a listing make sure you do all of the following.

  • Pick the best fitting business category
  • Completely fill in your business profile
  • Add photographs of things like your office, employees and your logo
  • Add a local number, business address and name for every location

Claim a Business Listing at all the Other Locations

Now that you have your Google business listing you’re heading down the right path, but there are other directories that you should be listed in as well. Set up a listing with each of the following as well.

  • Apple Maps
  • Bing Places
  • Yelp
  • Facebook
  • Yahoo Small Business
  • LinkedIn

Pay for Three Business Listings

Most of the time you can get business listings free of charge, but there are three of them that you should consider paying for, each is worth the cost.

  • The Better Business Bureau
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Regional industry associations

Tap into More Free Listings

There are four major websites that provide local business information that’s used by countless other directories around the Internet. To get your business information to show up in as many search engine results as possible, and in countless directories you need to submit your information to each of these four sites as soon as possible. Each should be free to make use of.

  • Acxiom
  • Localeze
  • Factual
  • Infogroup

Gather Positive Reviews and Acknowledge Negative Ones

On the internet reviews and testimonials are looked at closely for every single business. When working with customers try to direct them to leave you reviews when you believe they will be positive. Focus on Yelp and Google My Business for your reviews whenever possible. Any negative reviews that you get you should take a moment to address and explain to keep customers from being dissuaded and to show that you care about your business.

Work in Important Keywords

In order to rank well in search results you need to add in keywords that customers will be searching for when trying to access your services. An auto shop might want keywords like check engine light, NY state inspection, or car service help. These will be added to specific service pages that they are relevant to, but when you first put the website up you want a keyword for your industry category and your local city. This could be Family Lawyer Detroit, or Automotive Service Center Richmond.

This keyword should be added into the Title Tag of your homepage, as well as in your H1 tag, as Alt text on images and into the content of your page itself wherever it makes sense to add it.

Showcase Your Location

Add your business location, name and phone number into your sidebar or another prominent location that’s going to show on each page of your website. You also need to make a different webpage for every one of your business locations to help get you ranked for different cities that you work in.

Demonstrate Your Professional Status

Link out to your BBB or Chamber of Commerce profile from major pages on your business website. This shows that you’re running a professional organization, and is believed to help with web rankings. Even if it doesn’t, it will build up a more professional image for your business itself.

Verify Mobile Performance

There are a number of changes that have to happen for some websites to function properly on mobile devices. Visit this site to verify that your site meets mobile requirements so that users can visit on their smartphones.

Add Quality Content Regularly

One of the best ways to improve your search engine rankings and to build up a strong web presence overall is to add relevant blog posts and industry web pages to your site on a weekly basis. This helps you rank for more keywords and keeps your website fresh, which is a positive in the eyes of most search engines.

Work in Some Backlinks

While high quality web content will ultimately lead to some backlinks over time, it’s helpful if you build some of your own as well. Send links over to high quality websites and industry experts from your website and let them know that you’ve linked to them, this sometimes results in a link back.

Make infographics and other content that people will want to share on social media and rely on that to get links back to your website.

Share your latest content with an email list, with social media and through other outlets that you know of to increase the number that reads the content, and to also generate more backlinks for it.

If you follow at least some of these steps, there’s no reason that your local business website shouldn’t get listed in the search engines for at least some keywords. Over time you’ll build up a bigger following by using these steps and that should really boost your business.

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