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How to Build a Great Mobile Site

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Site Traffic | Posted on 16-12-2013


The percentage of internet traffic that comes from mobile devices continues to grow. It is no longer a small portion of the visits to your site. By the end of this year, it is projected that 20% of internet traffic will come from mobile devices. This means that it is becoming increasingly important to invest in a great mobile site.

When it comes to SEO, the question about mobile commerce is how to maximize your conversions from that traffic. There are a few issues affecting mobile conversions.

  • Some customers haven’t gotten used to using their mobile devices to make purchases;
  • Some companies haven’t created mobile sites that make customers want to make purchases;

In 2012, 35% of mobile visitors made a purchase on a smartphone. In comparison, 2/3 of all Internet users have made purchases online. When you factor that in, you see that mobile users are about half as likely as desktop users to make a purchase. As websites become more mobile-ready and people get more comfortable with shopping from their phones, that number is sure to increase.

What about Offline Companies?

If your company doesn’t sell its products online, that does NOT mean that having a mobile site is not important. In fact, it is just the opposite. A great online experience will increase your offline sales. During the 2012 holiday shopping season, 70% of shoppers used a mobile phone. Of those users, 62% used their phone to look at a store’s website. Even if your business doesn’t sell its products online, you can use your mobile site to share in-store promotions and sales, coupons, and product information.

What about Informational Sites?

If your company provides informational content and articles, your mobile site is still an important aspect of your business. The notion that users don’t want to access long content from their mobile devices because they are on-the-go is just not true. How often do you see people reading the news on their phone while eating lunch in a café? It is an increasingly popular source of information, regardless of content length. The key is that the content must be presented in an easy-to-read, mobile-friendly manner. Take a pointer from the New York Times; thanks to their mobile-friendly site, 1/3 of its traffic comes from mobile devices.

The Choices

The first step in planning a mobile site is figuring out your choices, and there are many.

  1. Build a separate mobile site with separate URLs.
  2. Build a separate site that is accessed by mobile users in place of the main site.
  3. Build a separate site that is a miniature copy of the main site.
  4. Build a different mobile site.
  5. Build a responsive site.

Basically, you have to decide what content you want to offer to your customers and how you want to offer that content. Ask yourself whether your goals for the main site are the same as your goals for your mobile site. In some cases, you may benefit from modifying your mobile site to target different search terms.

If you want to keep your content the same on the main site and the mobile site, a responsive site is a great way to go. A responsive site doesn’t require you to update both sites separately, and your mobile site will draw traffic from your desktop site.

If you want to use different content on your main site and mobile site, then you will want to build a separate site. The build will be easier, and you won’t have to redesign the main site. This also doesn’t eliminate the possibility of building a responsive site at some point in the future.

If you need help building a mobile website, let Avasoft Solutions help you. We offer search engine optimization, social media optimization, pay per click advertising, and complete web design. Contact us today!

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