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The Importance of Schema Markup

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Site Traffic, Website Technical Issues | Posted on 18-08-2014


All of the major search engines use schema, which is a markup language. Schema allows websites to structure the data within their site in a way that is easy for search engines to understand.

We go to great lengths to achieve maximum search engine optimization; obviously, if there is a way that we can make our websites easy for search engines to understand, we want to do that. You can improve your search results by using schema. Schema enables the search engine to interpret important data from your site, such as what products you have and how much they cost. The pertinent information about the product that is being searched will actually appear in the text of the search results.

Increasing traffic to your website is essential in order to grow your business. One of the best ways available to do this is to use schema markup. If you use schema markup, when a user searches for your product, they can see the information that they are looking for directly in the search results, without even having to click the link to your page. This provides a simpler experience for the user and increases the likelihood of conversion. It also impacts click-through rates. Customers don’t need to waste time clicking on other links when they can see your price for the product and the shipping time directly in the search results. It allows the customer to quickly compare you to the competitor, streamlining their shopping experience.

Information-Based Queries vs. Transaction-Based Queries

There are two reasons why users conduct an online search. The first reason is an information-based search query. This means, quite simply, that the user is searching for information, for an answer to a question. For example, an information-based search query might be something like, “who was voted off America’s Got Talent this week?” A transaction-based search query means that the user is trying to buy an item. For example, a user might search “Merrell Pace Glove women’s size 8.” The user probably doesn’t want to read the history of the product; they just want to know where they can buy it at the best price and get the fastest shipping time. Schema markup is ideal for a transaction-based query such as this, because the user can get the information that they need quickly. For businesses, it is beneficial because it increases sales, not just traffic.

Schema markup is a bit trickier when it comes to information-based search queries. When a user provides Google with a search term, Google will display the Knowledge Graph. As a result, sites that provide information, like Wikipedia, have actually been losing traffic to the Google Knowledge Graph.

Sites That Use Schema Well

There are certain sites that have demonstrated that they know how to use schema markup really well. The food industry is one excellent example. If you Google a recipe for buttermilk pancakes, it is likely that the search results will include information such as cooking time, serving size, and calorie count.

Movie sites also do schema markup well. If you Google Forrest Gump, the search results will display the year that the film was released, a rating for the film, and the name of the director and the stars.

What’s the Catch?

The catch is that Google does not always display schema, even if you include it in your markup. Google is selective about how schema is displayed, because too much information would negatively impact the user’s experience. It is important not to over optimize your site with schema markup, as that could be construed as abuse.

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