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How to Increase Qualified B2B SEO Traffic in 2016 and Beyond

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Site Traffic | Posted on 18-03-2016


Many B2B companies believe that they simply don’t have much to gain from SEO and building up a presence on the web. These companies either believe that the powerful executives and decision makers at their target companies aren’t searching online for solutions to their problems, or that they aren’t going to be able to close a deal over the Internet and need to rely on more personal methods or through more expensive branding techniques to land those lucrative contracts. That’s simply not the case.

Organic search traffic can be turned into a source of potential leads for your business, though the process is more difficult than it is for companies selling to end consumers. You simply need to identify who your buyers are and what they are searching for, figure out how to make the most of your search rankings once you have them, and take the most effective route toward new content and rankings in the future to be successful.

Who are Your Buyers?

Before you do anything else, sit down and really think about who it is that you want to buy your product and who’s going to be interested in what you have to sell. Don’t burn brain power thinking about search terms or anything like that, you just need a picture of your potential customer in your mind.

After you identify the people you believe will be most interested in your product and will have the resources to make a purchase – I for instance want company directors in mid-sized medical companies to look at the products I have to offer – you can begin targeting them. Think about all of the following.

  • What major problems are these people trying to solve?
  • How can I solve their problems with my website content?
  • What other content are these consumers going to be looking at when not searching for your product?

Once you can come up with the answers to these simple questions you’ll have a billion ideas for relevant content for your website and how to connect with the type of people you’re interested in connecting with.

Leverage Your Existing Content for all it’s Worth

Many times it simply doesn’t make sense to work on creating fresh content or to target new keywords when you haven’t maximized what’s already working for your company.

  • Optimize pages getting the most traffic to convert better
  • Internally link to your most successful pages to redirect underperforming traffic
  • Expand on your content to make it richer and more helpful
  • Update your title tag, alt attributes and the meta description for your page
  • Promote your page through social accounts like LinkedIn

Make the Most of New Content

Once you’ve gotten everything that you could from your existing content, it’s time to branch out and bring in new possibilities with fresh articles, videos and content in general.

Start off by listing off your possible content topics and keywords that you want to target. Make a list as comprehensive as you possibly can because this is your company’s organic search strategy for the foreseeable future.

After you build a list of quality topics and keywords it’s time to figure out which keywords are the most important and which concepts and topics are going to do the most to sell your products.

Figure out your most valuable topics and keywords and begin connecting the dots. Figure out which keywords make the most sense for your content and start with the most important keywords you believe you can rank for and work down from there. Fight hard to win major keywords, but take a more casual approach to the lesser searched terms. You might only want to create a short entry for some very narrow concepts so you aren’t wasting too much time for the small trickle of traffic you’ll gain from your work.

Things to Think About

Getting B2B leads through organic traffic should never be called easy, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done effectively. Through careful research and the proper strategy you can build up a steady supply of organic leads to your company that you were missing out on before. It’s also important to realize that all your work toward building organic traffic will likely compound and offer more pronounced benefits over time. That slow trickle of leads will gradually grow into a significant source of business over time.

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