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Introducing Google Places: A Valuable Tool for Your Business

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Site Traffic | Posted on 15-12-2010

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Google Places is another popular creation that falls under the Google family of internet based applications. Google Places actually began as the Local Business Center. The change was made to help users connect to Place pages while business owners could get a stronger hold on how they are seen online. The change was a big one and included the addition of numerous features that could help your business reach out to more potential customers.

What Changed with Google Places?

The newest Google Places features could give your business an edge in the local market. The key is knowing what is available to you and how it can improve your brand’s exposure and accessibility with customers. The first improvement involved service areas, which can now be displayed on maps. Any business owner with a specific service area can show this information. This helps reduce the number of cold leads that can generate by directing only potential customers that can actually access your service to your business. This feature is great for any business with a brick and mortar location.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Google Places gives businesses a way to say a lot through images. Business photo shoots are available to certain cities. The business can request a photo shoot of the interior of their building. These images are added to the business’ Google Places page. Businesses are also invited to have their own photos taken and submitted to Google Places. You can give potential customers a closer look at your operation and what you have to offer. Let them see your staff and develop a personal attachment through images.

Advertising can be very expensive, so finding affordable ways to spread the word is important. Google Places now offers businesses the opportunity to use tags, Google Maps and other tools that will highlight their Places page. This service costs an affordable $25/month and can easily fit into a start up budget.

Be on top of technology by getting in on Google’s Favorite Places program. Google provides you business with a window decal. This decal includes a code that can be scanned using any smart phone. The customer can scan the code and view the business, Place page to discover more about the business, staff and what products or services are offered.

Can You Afford to Ignore Google Places?

Google Places presents numerous tools that can help your brand gain more exposure. By making your business more accessible to customers, you will be increasing the opportunity for sales and profit. If you haven’t given Google Places a try, now is the time to do so (Avasoft can help you setup and manage your Google Place page and tags). You may be missing an enormous market of new customers just waiting for you to tap in through your own business Place page.

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