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Everyone rants and raves over the value of content when working towards the best search engine optimization practices. However, really getting the most out of your site actually depends on much more than that. Search engine optimization also means a website with a good, logical structure. After all,...

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Key Factors for Achieving Great Search Rankings

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Site Traffic | Posted on 19-01-2015


There are a million different posts out there that offer advice on optimizing your search rankings. They’re not all necessarily good advice, though. Check out these key factors for achieving great search rankings.

  1. Optimize your title tags properly. The key here is to make sure that your title tag seems natural – not spammy. Instead of “Plumbing Service Chicago,” try something like “Jones Plumbing Services, Your Local Chicago Plumber.” This way, you can still include the keyword that you are focusing on, but it all sounds more natural. Use an appealing title, too. It is important for the title to get you a high search ranking, but it also needs to entice readers to click on it and read it.
  2. Use descriptions that encourage click-through. Descriptions won’t affect your search ranking. However, they will determine whether readers click-through to your site. Your description should provide the reader with a solution to their search query. If the search query is “buy competition swimsuit,” then your description should state that you have a large selection of competition swimsuits for sale at low prices.
  3. Use a URL structure that is SEO friendly. A URL that is a combination of random letters and numbers is not visually appealing. You’re much better off to use a URL that makes sense, like the title of the post. This way, you’ll naturally be including keywords in the URL itself, and it will look more appealing to your reader.
  4. Make your content easier to read by breaking it up with headings and sub-headings. Most people who click-through to your site aren’t going to actually read a whole post. They’re just going to skim through it. Make it easier for them to find the major points by using headings and sub-headings. Of course, search engines are going to take notice of your H1 and H2 tags, so be sure to include important points in those tags. This will improve your SEO rankings and give your visitors a better experience.
  5. Incorporate video and infographics. This visual generation is bored with text posts. We have to try a little harder to really grab people’s attention. You can create a regular video series or use infographics. You don’t even need any fancy equipment for videos; an iPhone will give you all that you need.
  6. Don’t keyword stuff. For a while there, we were all super-focused on keyword density. The problem with keyword density is that it looks a lot like spam. If you post low-quality content stuffed with keywords, you’ll end up getting penalized. Focus instead on creating high-quality content that flows naturally. Your posts should be written for the benefits of your readers, not for the search engine. Even if a keyword-dense post gets you good search rankings, it won’t keep visitors on your page or create conversions if it’s low-quality.
  7. Place an image near the top in every post. This will improve your SEO ranking, and it will get the attention of your visitors.
  8. Include links to high-quality sources. This shows search engines that you, too, have high-quality content. If you permit guest posting, make sure that all external links go to high-quality websites.
  9. Use internal links in your blog content. This is an opportunity that too many sites pass up. It benefits you in terms of SEO, and it keeps visitors on your page.
  10. Develop an easy-to-find social media presence. Almost everyone uses some form of social media. Create highly visible social media profiles on the biggest social media networks, and places badges on your site.

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