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How to Pump Up Your SEO

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Site Traffic | Posted on 17-04-2015


There’s tons of advice out there about how to improve your SEO, and you’ve probably heard it all. If you are ready to hear some new techniques for pumping up your SEO game, try these techniques instead.

  1. Improve your site security. Site security is one of Google’s newest ranking factors. Security should be important to you, anyway; it’s important to your customers, so it must be important to you. Now we know that it’s important to Google, too. Data is important to us, but so is respecting privacy. You can improve your security by adding encryption to your site. This sends a ranking signal to Google, and it tips your customers off to great security, too. If your site is encrypted, it’ll show up in search rankings with https:// ahead of the web address, while non-secure sites will not include the https://. Savvy users will take note of this and scroll past non-secure sites.
  2. Add fully optimized videos and images. It’s no secret that videos and images are appealing to users. They can improve your search rankings, too. There are several ways that you can optimize videos and images. First, adjust the image size so that it’s appropriate for the resolution. Use the smallest file possible so that your page loads quickly. Use alt text, and title the image with keywords. Add schema to the image, too.
  3. Add an image sitemap. You probably have an HTML sitemap and an XML sitemap. You can create an image sitemap by adding extra information about your images to your XML sitemap, particularly image tag definitions. This will boost your rankings in Google’s Image Search.
  4. Review your link profile on a regular basis and request removals whenever necessary. Any other site can link to you, and there isn’t much that you can do about it. This can be good for you or very, very bad for you. The important thing is to stay on top of it. Use Google Webmaster Tools to monitor what sites are linking to you. Another option is to pay for a service that will scan your link profile. If you find that spam sites or low authority sites are linking to your site, request that the link be removed. The best way to do this is to email the webmaster and politely request that the link be removed. Google also gives you the ability to disavow links; you just have to submit a disavow file.
  5. Include keywords in your URLs. The URL is still a very important ranking factor, so create keyword-specific pages with URLs that include the keyword.
  6. Use your targeted keywords all over the site. In the past, we believed that including a blog post with the targeted keyword was enough to improve rankings. However, it is more effective to use that targeted keyword across the site as a whole. Your domain as a whole should reflect that keyword and its variations.
  7. Don’t neglect the importance of optimizing your social profile. Google has begun to include a brand’s social profiles in the Knowledge Graph. At present, this seems to primarily be affecting large businesses; the potential effect on small and mid-sized businesses remains to be seen. However, in anticipation of this inclusion spreading to small and mid-sized businesses, it’s a good idea to work on optimizing your social profiles now.
  8. Integrate Schema. Over 1/3 of all Google search results include Schema, which shows a major preference in search rankings for Schema. Many businesses are failing to take advantage of this, so don’t be one of them.

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