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Search Engine Optimization for your Videos and Images

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Avasoft Service, Site Traffic | Posted on 20-01-2011

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Search engine optimization is very important for anyone who owns a website and wants to see it thrive. If you want to rank well, you must learn how to play the keyword game while providing quality content. Google is becoming smarter and the old methods are not cutting it anymore. Poor search engine optimization practices are being penalized, which means businesses must stay on top of the best methods or suffer the consequences.

One popular approach to search engine optimization is through the use of sitemaps. A sitemap allows search engines to review all content on a site, including video and images. Ever since the first site maps were used in 2005, website owners have been adding them to improve search engine optimization by sharing details about a greater variety of content offered on their site.

What is a Site Map?

Simply stated, a site map is a list of the available pages on a website. These pages are used by search engine crawlers to gather information about that site. The reason site maps are preferred over traditional methods (such as simply accessing the landing page) is their detail for search engine optimization. The site map can include resources available on the site that the crawler may miss. This is especially important for those who wish to perform search engine optimization on a site that has dynamic content.

Site maps also encourage the web crawler to find pages that contain mostly images. Pages that contain only a few links may also be a challenge for the crawler to find since they generally follow these virtual paths from one page to another. The site map is used in search engine optimization to present all the pages, regardless of whether or not they are linked or have images, so that the web crawler can access each part of the site.

How Does a Site Map Encourage Video and Image Discovery?

When adding a site map for search engine optimization purposes, it is important to include all aspects of the website on the map. The sitemap could be the key to allowing visitors to find your images and videos through search engine results. The way this is done is by adding the actual URL to the link or image on the site map. This basically spoon feeds the location to crawlers and encourages well rounded search engine optimization.

Make sure you have all aspects of search engine optimization covered so that all portions of your website are seen. You can learn more about the best practices and basics of search engine optimization by checking out our SEO service.

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