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SEO: What it is and Why You Can’t Afford to Cheat on It

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Site Traffic | Posted on 18-05-2012

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Don’t be an SEO cheater.  You know what they say.  Winners never cheat and cheaters never win.  No one can benefit from cutting corners when it comes to SEO.  Of course to avoid cutting corners, first you have to know what SEO is and what it isn’t.

SEO: What it is and what it isn’t


SEO, or search engine optimization, does involve instituting the use of targeted keywords on your site so that when people search for these keywords, they land on your site.  However, no one can just wave their wand and poof your site to the top of the search results.  SEO is more than just a magic pill your website swallows and then suddenly hits the top of search engine results.  It isn’t the genie in that lamp you’ve been rubbing feverishly for months now in hopes of increasing your website’s rank.  SEO is hard work that takes time.

Many website owners seem to have some concept of SEO as a secret code that, when entered into their website, unlocks some magical ability for it to rank high in search engine results.  Of course having your site coded properly is the first step toward an enjoyable user experience, but coding can’t help you at all if your site doesn’t have any good content on it.

Did you notice the operative word in the previous sentence?  It’s “good.”  You need “good” content in order for your site to rank highly.  What makes content “good”?

  • It’s fresh. – “Good” sites update their content regularly.  Search engines know when you last updated your site, and if it’s within the last week, you’re golden.
  • It’s relevant. –This means using keywords that pertain to what’s on your site.  For example, if you sell tractors, don’t target keywords that have nothing to do with tractors just because those keywords happen to get a lot of attention from people using search engines.
  • It’s informative. – These days Google’s crawlers have a pretty good idea about the quality level of what’s on sites.  They can recognize when the information that’s on your site is something that will actually help people, and they will reward this with a higher ranking.
  • It’s unique. – Sites that copy the content from other sites word for word get penalized in the search results because they are just posting up the same information other sites have.  And what’s even worse, this is plagiarizing, which brings even worse consequences than poor search engine rankings.

Why You Can’t Afford to Skimp on SEO


Now that you understand what SEO really is, you’ll find out about why you can’t afford to cut corners with it.  You’ve probably seen some companies offering shortcuts or “cheats” to SEO that come at quite a high price.  Unfortunately most of these sites are scams because these SEO shortcuts are often black hat techniques that do nothing but prevent traffic from your site.

There is no way to get around the time and hard work it takes to get your website ranked highly in the search engines, but you will be greatly rewarded.  Here’s why you can’t afford not to do SEO the right way:

  • Credibility – SEO shortcuts use some unethical techniques that damage your website’s credibility.  For example, scam companies might create fake Facebook or Twitter accounts to promote your site and get some backlinks by spamming your web address.  This is entirely unprofessional.  Create real social networking accounts yourself instead of using accounts created by spammers.
  • Time –Taking shortcuts in SEO is often very expensive and often results in you paying for a link farm to list your site, but those link farms don’t rank highly in search results and often don’t get any actual users because they look like spam sites.  A better use of your money is paying a writer to write some “good” content for your site.
  • Search engine rankings – If SEO isn’t done properly, your site won’t rank in the search engines.  If your site isn’t ranked, then no one will be able to find you and you won’t make any money.  Many so-called SEO shortcuts result in low or non-existent rankings.
  • Pleased users – There are lots of not useful content & information on the internet these days that people have pretty much developed a natural filter for it.  However, when they find a site that truly has useful information, they will remember that site and reward its owner in some way, whether it’s through return visits or a purchase.

So don’t try to cheat when it comes to SEO.  Do it right the first time and reap the rewards of a job well-done.

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It’s really important to do SEO the correct way. Many people get scammed by the companies that use black hat methods because all they care about is getting to the top of the search engines quickly. It’s really worth taking the time and effort to do SEO correctly as in the long run it will do your website good!

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