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Social Media Optimization Tips: 5 Ways You Can Grow Your Company Online

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Site Traffic | Posted on 23-02-2011

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Social media optimization has become one of the most effective ways to get in front of more potential customers. Businesses who utilize social media optimization, also known as SMO, tend to see success much more quickly in the online arena. There are limitless possibilities just waiting on the web for those who know how to reach them.

SMO Tip 1: Build Your Company’s Social Networking Profiles

Not all advertising requires payment. Make sure your company has profiles on all major social networking websites. That includes Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. These sites build a foundation for your social media optimization efforts. Let your profile provide information and updates on your business.

SMO Tip 2: Keep Updates as Timely as Possible

It may sound like a chore, but keep all of your blogs and social network profiles as up to date as possible. Add fresh content regularly. This is vital for social media optimization because it encourages better search engine ranking and shows those who view your company profile that you are active within the network. Give them content to check out and they will be more inclined to return again and again!

SMO Tip 3: Encourage Content Sharing

In social media optimization, sharing is everything. You want to convince those who find your company on social networks to pass the information along to others. The best way to do this is to provide them with something to share. Add content that can be passed along, such as an ebook, videos, photos or anything else that is relevant to your company or industry. Make sure your brand and a link to your profiles and website are easily accessible through the content so they know where it came from.

SMO Tip 4: Push for Visitor Interactions

What makes social networks so appealing is the social element. People can converse and share information and opinions through these networks. Encourage discussions and interactions by being active on profiles. Make sure your website, blogs and/or profiles have chat capabilities or some other way to get users to interact.

SMO Tip 5: Add Social Networking Icons to Your Website and Blog

Make sure your social networking profiles are easy to find through your main website, blogs and any other site your company maintains. The most popular social networks offer free icons that can be embedded on your site.  Through social media optimization , you can reach out to many people simply by networking.

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