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Search Quality Highlights: Recent Changes on Google Search

Google is constantly making improving the results it generates for users, and every website owner must stay on top of these changes to make sure that their website continues to perform well in the rankings.  In February there were 40 different changes implemented by the search engine giant.  Here are...

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Will Google Caffeine Energize Your Search Engine Optimization Efforts?

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Site Traffic | Posted on 12-11-2010

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Google Caffeine is raising a few questions among professionals regarding search engine optimization and social media marketing. In order to understand how these changes will impact your web hosting company or other business, it is important to know what Google Caffeine is and how it influences search results and ranking.

Google Caffeine is the name given to a recent update made to the Google infrastructure. Labeled a “next generation architecture,” the update directly altered Google’s search function. With new digital media, including blogs, videos, and social media, Google felt it was time they updated their web search to accommodate these newcomers to the virtual world.

The first aspect of Google Caffeine was to equip the web search to store real time content. Speculation remains that when Google updated the way it stores data, it must also update the way it collects it.  Although no details on exactly how this aspect was changed have been given, it is safe to say something was done and will be revealed in time.

Recent private testing performed on the Google Caffeine updated search has produced intriguing results that could greatly affect the way search engine optimization and social media marketing is performed. A vast majority of search results have been removed from total results returned. The search function also performs more quickly, although Adwords has not yet been applied and could burden this once the feature has been entered back into the equation. The tests also revealed shifts in the position of results, which produce another clue to changes in how search engine optimization will operate in the near future.

Search Engine Optimization and Google Caffeine

With Google Caffeine shifting website ranks and removing millions of results from searches, it is vital that businesses learn how to alter their search engine optimization efforts to accommodate these updates. The new system appears to actually penalize keyword stuffing, which is a plus for legitimate businesses who work hard to add quality content that also works within search engine optimization guidelines.

Another plus is that Google will recognize search engine optimization much faster than it used to. That means page ranking can quickly be raised when valuable keyword content is added.  It is important to note that valuable content, not just content, must be applied here. Google Caffeine has made the web search smarter. Relevant information now carries more weight than keyword cramming strictly for haphazard search engine optimization.

Google Caffeine and Web Hosting Company Standards

Google Caffeine has thrown another factor into the equation that could impact the success of the everyday web hosting company. Speed now plays a part in ranking. Sites that offer visitors short load times will be given a vital edge when it comes to ranking high. Sites with slow load times will begin to suffer and drop in Google search popularity. This could lead to mass switching and leave any web hosting company that does not offer the best speeds out of business. Of course content and search engine optimization will still be considered, but a slow web hosting company could cost businesses desirable positions.

Google Caffeine is revamping its search function to encourage better quality throughout the internet. This sounds like an enormous task, but with the immense popularity of search engine optimization, social media marketing and website ownership, many sites have been lowering standards through keyword stuffing and grinding load times. Google Caffeine will now raise the bar for anyone who wants to rank well on the most popular web search engine combing the internet today.

Understanding search engine optimization is extremely important for any website owner, whether you are a company, non-profit organization, or smaller group. To learn more about how search engine optimization works and what you can do to maximize it, visit our search engine optimization overview.

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