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Incorporate Synonyms for Important Terms into Your Site

Posted by Avasoft Team | Posted in Website Technical Issues | Posted on 18-01-2013

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One of the greatest challenges for website operators is knowing which keywords to use on their site, and when you add synonyms into the mix, it can become even more confusing. Which keywords should you be using? Is it better to focus just on one keyword for your site and try to rank for that keyword? Or should you try to mix synonyms in? For example, if you want to optimize the keyword “electronic medical record” or “EMR,” should you also use the synonym “electronic health record,” or “EHR”?

The short answer is to use as many synonyms as you can get away with without sounding unnatural. Keep in mind that Google and the other search engines do take steps to recognize synonyms for keywords. Google in particular has a Synonyms team which works toward ensuring that the search engine can recognize that “car” and “automobile” are the same thing.

However, they are not always successful. Google and the other search engines are not always going to get synonyms right, so you should certainly make an effort to use synonyms for your keywords on your site. This makes it easier for Google and the other search engines to recognize that your business handles both of those terms, even if they mean the same thing. The more you can do to remove the guesswork for the search engines, the better your website will rank across searches.

Another important thing to realize about incorporating synonyms is the fact that doing so can help you reduce the appearance of keyword stuffing. The search engines do penalize you for using too many keywords on your page, so by using synonyms, you can reduce some of this effect.

How Do I Go About Incorporating Those Synonyms?

The main thing you should remember when incorporating synonyms is the fact that you need to do it naturally. You should never use any of your keywords in a way that sounds “spammy,” and that includes the use of synonyms. For example, you might refer to a USB drive as a USB drive in one place, a USB stick in another place, and a flash drive in another place on your website.

If you have any doubts about whether what you’re doing sounds unnatural, take some time to read what you have written out loud. Let other people read it as well to see if it sounds like you are trying to incorporate too many keywords and synonyms. The search engines are now focused on finding content that sounds natural, so if you can incorporate synonyms while still sounding natural with what you write, then you will be one of the big winners in the search results for your keywords.

Also keep in mind that synonyms aren’t necessarily different words referring to the same thing, at least in SEO land. Google especially seems to rank sites that have the keywords on the page but not in their original form. For example, instead of using the phrase “electronic medical records,” you would use the words “electronic,” “medical,” and “records” separately in addition to together.

So in short, the best way to incorporate synonyms is to use the main keyword in full a few times, and then sprinkle one or two synonyms in naturally while also breaking the phrase up into separate words.

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